Friday, May 22, 2015

Fletcher Memorial Library Ludlow Vermont Announces Summer Reading Program 2015 –“Every Hero Has a Story”

Calling all super readers! The Fletcher Memorial Library is the place to be this summer as we embark on an adventure to learn about heroes of all shapes and sizes.  From super heroes, to community heroes, animal heroes and more, the library will be jammed packed with programs and activities to keep toddlers through teens busy throughout the summer months.
          Members of 2015 Summer Reading Program may choose to participate in a reading log program that allows them to earn cool prizes and free books by keeping track of their summer reading or they can pick and choose which programs suit them best. With numerous story times, special visiting performers, arts & crafts, book discussion groups and more there is sure to be something for everyone!
          Registration for “Every Hero Has A Story” begins on Monday June 15th. All programs are free of charge and open to children of all abilities. For more information call Youth Services Librarian  Sacha Krawczyk at802-228-3517 or visit our website  www. for more information.

Book Sale Bonanza

Books about art and science, life and love, poets and peasants,  fiction and non fiction, cooking and gardens; books for little kids and medium size kids and big kids of all ages  …The Mt Holly Library has them for sale, THIS Sat. 5/23, 10AM to 4PM.  Don't miss out. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Introduction to Square Dancing Featured At Auditorium, May 23

 Introduction to Square Dancing Featured At Auditorium, May 23

On Saturday, May 23 at 7 pm in the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium, representatives of the Rutland-based 'Cast Off 8 s will present "An Introduction to Square Dancing".   
The program, open to everyone of high school age through golden agers, will feature 12 members of the 'Cast Off 8' square dance club demonstrating the basics of square dancing. Peter Tobin will be the caller for this event.
According to Don Richardson, a club member, "this will be a fun event for everyone, regardless of age or previous square dancing experience". He indicated that the program is free and that it was not necessary to come with a partner. "If you have a partner, that's fine but we'll arrange a partner for you if you come solo."
He also noted that square dancing required no special attire, shoes, or equipment. "Just bring yourself, a partner if you desire, and expect to have a really fun evening", Don said.
To get an idea of what the program will be, Don suggested that interested people can view some of the club's square dancing activities on the Internet at For questions or additional information, call 228-6216

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Vote for America’s Best Town

Middlebury, VT is one of the two towns up for the best town on the East coast-vote now! Started out with 64 towns
When you go to the link, the voting is at the bottom of the page.

Vote for America’s Best Town 

One of these 64 towns can be called the “Best Town Ever.” Crowning the winner will be up to you.


Picking the locations in our fifth annual Best Town Ever contest wasn’t easy. We looked for places with great access to trails and public lands, thriving restaurants and neighborhoods, and, of course, a good beer scene­all while excluding the winners and runners-up from the past three years to make room for hidden gems, underdogs, and towns on the rise. Plus, for the first time, we added a wild-card round, letting our Instagram followers nominate their favorite towns­Port Angeles, WA; New York, NY; Saugatuck, MI; and Roanoke, VA came out on top to snag the final spot in each section of our bracket.

Who will advance in the tournament? That’s up to you. Scroll down to the Vote Here section to vote for your favorite towns. The first five rounds of voting will last five days each, starting on May 4, 2015 (12 a.m. EST). You may vote once per round per matchup. The winners will advance until only two towns remain (May 29, 2015). The winner will be the town with the most votes on June 5.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Attorney General Loretta Lynch blames the public schools

Joseph McDonald

I thought Bizarro World was only in the Superman comics.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch blames the public schools, who are dealing with a lack of discipline and respect for policies and the law from their hoodlum students. It is they, she claims, who are at fault for eliminating the offenders from their populations in the interest of educating the other students and their safety.
Rather than acknowledge that the same behavior that puts the students at odds with the school is what later leads them to a jail or prison sentence, Lynch promotes the nonsensical proposition that if the schools only let thebad kids get away with what they’re doing a little more, they’d have a chance to develop normally.
She cutely identifies the problem as the “School to Prison Pipeline,” attacking the schools which must deal with undisciplined criminals-in-the-making as the problem rather than one of the first institutional victims who must deal with the parasitic horde of young, entitled anarchists.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"The 39 Steps" to the Library.

The Mt Holly Library is showing the film classic, "The 39 Steps" at the Library  this Friday, May 15, at 7pm.  This is a follow up to the recent, very successful Vermont Humanities program, "Alfred Hitchcock and the Art of Suspense," which the library presented a few weeks ago.  "The 39 Steps", starring Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll is a masterpiece of suspense and stands out as a near perfect example of the wit and talent of Hitchcock''s early work.  So, step on out and join us for popcorn, mystery, and a great movie.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Break

Dear Black River Community Members, With summer vacation almost upon us, most students and parents are looking forward to the lazy days of summer. Sleeping in and not having to drive students to school in snowy conditions makes everyone feel a little happier. However, those lazy days of summer have the potential increase substance experimentation and use. Each day in June, July and August, roughly 11,000 youth try alcohol and 4,500 youth try marijuana for the first time. A significant increase over youth who try alcohol or drugs during the school year. It is important to talk with your teen about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drug use and teach them refusal skills. Attached you will find the Vermont Department of Health’s newly updated ParentUp website which is one of the best resources on keeping teens safe and substance free. I invite you to read through it and use it as a platform for a discussion about summer expectations. Please contact me with any questions, Best, Megan Rudy, SAP Counselor Black River MS/HS