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The upcoming Act 46 Vote explained

The upcoming Act 46 Vote explained


Black River High School & Middle School


To clarify rumored confusion, here is a short explanation of the upcoming Act 46 votes.

The Southern TRSU Group - Andover, Baltimore, Cavendish and Chester voters will be asked to vote for or against creating the Green Mountain Unified District - an Act 46 Regional Education District (RED)

If ALL 4 towns mentioned above vote FOR the proposed plan, Chester-Andover Elementary, Cavendish Elementary and Green Mountain will become the Green Mountain Unified District.
If ANY one of the towns vote AGAINST the proposed plan, a new Act 46 committee will be formed to develop another plan. 

The Northern TRSU Group - Mount Holly and Ludlow voters will be asked to vote for or against dissolving U#39, closing Black River and sending 7th-12th graders to Mill River.

If BOTH towns vote FOR the proposed plan - Black River will close, Mount Holly Elementary and Ludlow Elementary will stay open and 7th-12th grade students will attend Mill River

If either town votes AGAINST the proposed plan, a new plan will be developed.

The new plan could be one already discussed - see attached Act 46 Fact Sheet created by Superintendent Meg Powden - or it could be a completely new innovative plan yet to be determined.

Respectfully submitted by Black River High School

Please feel free to contact us with questions and we will do our best to get you accurate answers.
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From: Sacha Krawczyk

Weekly Toddler and Pre-School Story Time

Wednesdays 10:30-11:30am

Each week features a theme, music, and a craft or activity

Best suited for ages 5 and under

Read With Oreo

Friday April 21, 2017


School age students are invited to the library to read a story or two with Oreo the Reading Dog.

Books and Cooks

Thursday April 13, 2017


Spring Time Basket Cookies

Space Limited to 8

STEM Night


Glow in the Dark City

Grades K & Up

Crafty Tuesdays

3:00-4:00pm Grades K-6

April 3rdTroll Magnets- Design a colorful magnet that looks like your favorite character from the movie “Trolls”.

11thTissue paper flowers- Using paper plates as a base participants will create a spring decoration to hang on the wall.

3/25- No Crafts This Week

School Vacation Week Activities

Monday April 17th- STEM Night 5:00-6:00pm

18thTropical Crafternoon -1:00-2:00pm- Ocean Themed Sand Art Pictures-Let’s get ready for watching “Moana” later this week by creating colorful sand art! 

19thMovie Matinee- Disney Studios© presents

“Moana” (PG)  1:00-3:00pm Snacks Provided

20stWacky Wii Afternoon- 2:00-4:00pm

We will have the Wii set up on the big screen for some big time fun. Drop in anytime between 2:00-4:00 to play!

21thRead With Oreo- 3:00-4:00pm


Sacha Krawczyk
Youth Services Librarian
Fletcher Memorial Library
Ludlow, Vermont 05149

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Springtime Pasta & Politics"

From: Rutland County GOP

Reminder to RSVP

Rutland County Republicans

Invite You To Attend

"Springtime Pasta & Politics"

Guest Speaker: VT House Minority Leader Donald Turner, Jr

March 25
5-6pm Social Time    6pm Dinner
Franklin Conference Center
1 Scale Ave, Rutland

RSVP requested by March 17 or Committee Treasurer, Seth Hopkins, 247-1460

Send Checks to:
Rutland County Republicans, 52 Park St, Brandon, VT 05733

Wow! The legislative "Crossover" date is March17 of this week by which time bills must pass out of committees in order to be eligible to get voted on in the legislature this year. “Money” bills such as the budget bill get an extra week. Republican Minority Leader Don Turner will have insights to share and stories to tell as well as vision for the future.

Spread the word! Let's fill the room!

Cost is $30 per person for a delicious buffet and a priceless opportunity to join with others who are dedicated to moving Vermont forward. We want to see friends from every town in Rutland County! 

Not able to attend? Please consider giving a generous donation toward our upcoming 2018 campaign year! By going to our website at, you will find a link to make an online donation. Thank you!

Copyright © 2017 Rutland County GOP, All rights reserved.
You're receiving this email because of previous involvement and support of the Rutland County Republicans.

Our mailing address is:
Rutland County GOP
52 Park Street
BrandonVT 05733

Selectboard Meeting Minutes 3/14/17

Selectboard Meeting Minutes 3/14/17 (these minutes are a draft and have not yet been approved by the Selectboard)

The meeting  was called to order at 7:32 by Ted Crawford, Chair.  Tim Martin was present.  Also present were Jeff Teter, Dave Johnson and Jim Seward.   All stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

2) Addition to Agenda: Appointment of Representative and Alternate to Board of Supervisors of the Rutland County Waste District. VOTED to appoint Clinton Woolley as Representative and Jeff Teter as Alternate. (2-0)

3) Minutes:  The minutes of the regular meeting of February 14 were sent out before the meeting for review.  VOTED: to approve the February 14 minutes.  Passed 2-0

4) Reorganization for 2016-2017.  Upon motions made and seconded, the following were Voted (all votes were 2-0,) Selectboard Chair:  Ted Crawford. Tree Warden: Ray Tarbell. E911 Coordinator: Sue Covalla. Newspaper of Record:  Vermont Journal. The Town Clerk appointed Nancy Conner as assistant Town Clerk.  The Town Treasurer appointed Diana Garrow as Assistant Town Treasurer. The Selectboard Clerk position remains vacant.  The 911 measuring will be done by Ted Crawford. The date and time of the regular Selectboard meeting was set for 7:30 on the second Tuesday of the month. The two public places for posting of the agenda are the Mount Holly and Belmont Post Offices.    On a weekly basis the orders will be reviewed and signed by the Selectboard Chair, Ted Crawford.

5) Highways.  The Board reviewed and signed the Annual Financial Plan which provides the town’s budget for highways.  This required document is used with grant applications and FEMA disasters, among other things.  Deadline for FY18 TH Class 2 grants is April 15th.  Jeff is working on it.  A $5,700 grant was awarded to the town to conduct a road drainage study, a study required by the State.  Jeff has been researching prices for a new truck and tractor.  He will meet individually with Tim and Ron and will present information at the April Selectboard meeting.

6)Report of the Treasurer:  David presented an income and expense statement dated March  2017 Highlights: Delinquent taxes are lower than expected for this time of year, down to $105,000, solid waste labels sold are at $14,000 and the projected budget should be realized, winter road material is over budget and winter labor will be as well. Some of this overage will be made up with the balance of funds in summer labor and materials
Authorization for Orders: Upon motions made and seconded, it was VOTED to authorize the Treasurer to put on the orders and pay certain items: payroll taxes and withholding payments,  regular wages, postage, property tax refunds and school advances per the schedule reviewed annually (2-0).  VOTED To authorize the Selectboard Clerk to review all invoices, bills and other requests for payments and place them on the orders for the Selectboard to authorize for payment. (2-0)

7)Transfer Station: The Board approved summer hours at the Transfer Station.  The last Sunday will be April 9th and the first Wednesday will be April 12th.  The trash compactor is no longer working.  Estimates to repair total over $6,500.  To rent one would cost $365 per month and to purchase one would cost $21,000.  It was noted that five years of rental would be equal to the purchase price and the life of the compactor could be as long as 25 years.  The town has $15,208 in reserves for this replacement and it was felt that other savings in the budget could offset the balance.  A motion was made and seconded to purchase a new trash compactor.  VOTED:  To purchase a new trash compactor for $21,000.  (2-0).  It will take approximately six weeks for delivery so a temporary container will be at the transfer station and will be “pulled” as required.      

8) RRPC Report:  At the last meeting of the RRPC the budget and audit were discussed.  It was also mentioned that funding for energy planning going forward is tenuous.  No specific Mount Holly topics were discussed by the Commissioners.

9)Other:  There will not be a rabies clinic at Mount Holly this year.  Wallingford will host a clinic on Saturday March 18 starting at 10:00 am.  The Town Office was broken into and Sue Covalla will be doing research on alarms and cameras and will present information at the next Selectboard meeting.  Ted will research any possible grant money.  Both the Selectboard Clerk position and a Listers position remain vacant.  These are very important positions for the community and the Selectboard urged members of our community to come forward and apply for these vacancies.

10) The Board reviewed and signed the February orders for payment.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by motion made and seconded and approved at 8:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Ted Crawford        

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No matter what your politics, come learn how the AHCA will affect you -March 16 meeting

Confused about the new American Health Care Act?
**Gov. Phil Scott also told reporters Friday he was concerned about tens of thousands Vermonters losing coverage and the possible loss of subsidies under the proposed Republican plan. see article below-bottom of page

The Congressional Budget Office*  report about the AHCA bill is now available-the CBO* is run by a director, who is appointed by Congress and serves a four-year term. The current director, Keith Hall, was picked by House Republicans (including then-Budget Committee chair and now HHS Secretary Tom Price) in 2015.
Here is some info about the new bill
  • The AHCA Health Plan Means 24 Million Americans Will Lose Coverage

  • "If the AHCA bill were enacted, the uptick of uninsured would begin this year, to 31 million.
  • By 2026, 52 million would be uninsured under the American Health Care Act, which is the first step in the Republican repeal-and-replace plan. "
  • Under the legislation, premiums for older people could be five times larger than those for younger people in many states, but the size of the tax credits for older people would only be twice the size of the credits for younger people," they wrote.
Link with the CBO report that you can read for yourself-also the rest of the article part of which is cut and pasted above.
Senator Bernie Sanders is hosting 2 town halls in Vermont this week-bring your questions!                  He wants to focus community conversations on  efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Sanders' town halls will be held at in Springfield, Vermont, on Thursday, March 16, 7 p.m. in the gym at Riverside Middle School*.Admission is free. and at the Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center, Vermont, on Friday, March 17.(*The Trailblazers (8th grade team) at Riverside Middle School will host a Spaghetti Supper on Thursday, March 16th from 5 – 6:30 p.m. at the Riverside Middle School cafeteria, immediately preceding Bernie Sanders’ town hall meeting.)

What will AHCA  cost Vermont? Below is link of possible cost to Vermont** (link below and part of article cut and pasted here)$200 million is the first estimate of potential losses the state could face if the proposed American Health Care Act is enacted. The state currently spends $1.7 billion in federal and state dollars on the Medicaid program.

Al Gobeille, the secretary of the Agency of Human Services, said without that $200 million per year, the state could be forced to lower Medicaid payments to doctors and hospitals; reduce benefits for Medicaid patients; and cut other health programs that receive Medicaid funding.

Gov. Phil Scott also told reporters Friday he was concerned about tens of thousands Vermonters losing coverage and the possible loss of subsidies under the proposed Republican plan.

“At first blush, this appears would have a detrimental effect on Vermont, “ Scott said. “We take this seriously.”

Gobeille said that means many Vermont families would need to pay thousands of dollars more per year for health care in the commercial insurance market. His team outlined three scenarios for low-income families:

• A 27-year-old making $25,305 currently pays just under $3,000 per year for health insurance, but would pay more than $5,500 per year if the new bill is enacted.
• A two-person household making $37,144 currently pays about $6,200 per year for medical coverage, but would pay nearly $9,800 per year under the American Health Care Act.
• A family of four making $51,020 currently pays just under $5,000 per year for health insurance, but would pay more than $9,000 per year under the new law.

Gobeille’s team also described how higher-income people would benefit:• A 27-year-old making $75,000 per year currently doesn’t receive any subsidy for health insurance, but could get a tax credit of $2,000 per year under the proposal.
• A 40-year-old making $75,000 per year could get a tax credit of $3,000 per year.
• A 60-year-old making $75,000 per year could receive $4,000 per year.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Action by TRSU Act 46 Ludlow-Mt Holly Subcommittee

From: Annette Lynch

Report of meeting on Thursday March 9

Ludlow and Mount Holly Voters to Be Asked to Approve Merger with Mill River
 Action by TRSU Act 46 Ludlow-Mt Holly Subcommittee
The Ludlow-Mount Holly Subcommittee of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union Act 46 Study Committee met in the Ludlow Elementary School on Thursday evening March 9, 2017. My very informal, unofficial count of those in attendance was 150.
At the end of a meeting that lasted over 3 hours, the Ludlow and Mount Holly representatives on the Subcommittee voted separately to recommend to their town voters a merger with Mill River.
The purpose of the meeting was for the Subcommittee to decide which merger or action to recommend to the voters of Ludlow and the voters of Mount Holly.
Four options were listed on the agenda:
1. Merger into the Regional Education District (RED) consisting of the towns of Chester, Andover, Cavendish, and Baltimore; high school is Green Mountain.
2. Merger into the new Quarry Valley Supervisory Union consisting of the town of Poultney, Proctor, and West Rutland; high school or schools not known.
3. Elementary schools continue to operate; school choice for high school students.
4. Merger with the new Rutland South Supervisory Union consisting of the towns of Clarendon, Tinmouth, Shrewsbury, and Wallingford; high school is Mill River.
With minimal guidance from the members of the Subcommittee, the members of the audience explored the four options for a period of 2 hours.  Many of the people present had not attended any Act 46 meetings up to this date, and the meeting provided a town meeting-like environment in which to express opinions and to ask questions. Some of the discussion was extended due to the unexpected inclusion of the RED ((Green Mountain) merger as an option; due to the fact that the Quarry Valley merger had just been defeated by the voters on Tuesday March 7; and due to the following written information that was circulated during the meeting (see attached):
1. Pros and Cons of options for Mill River, School Choice, and Quarry Valley;
2. Advantages of joining Quarry Valley;
3.  Comparative homestead tax rate projections to 2022 for options Green Mountain, Mill River, and School Choice;
4. High school comparison of Black River, Green Mountain, and Mill River by courses offered, test scores, college acceptance.

It appeared to be generally accepted that Mount Holly favored the option of joining Mill River, so that much of the discussion centered on the fate of Black River Union High School.  There was vigorous input from the principal, teachers, students, past students, and parents who emphasized the value of the school and the advantages it offers for more individualized instruction. There were a number of people who saw the school’s existence adding value to the life of the town, while others saw – reluctantly - that because of high costs and low and declining enrollment that the school was no longer viable.

Generally, the Green Mountain option seemed to have little appeal - partly due to the RED’s earlier position excluding Ludlow. The School Choice option was doomed by its greater costs. The Quarry Valley option was appealing, as it would keep the Black River High School open - at least for now. The Mill River option appealed to some as both Ludlow and Mount Holly were warmly welcomed by the principal, who was also enthusiastic about alternative uses of the Black River building and grounds.

An informal vote was called: the Mill River option won with Quarry Valley second; few votes for the other two options.

At that point, about 8:15, a large portion of the public left and the Subcommittee prepared to make its decision(s). The Mount Holly members of the Subcommittee were joined by some of its School board members. Each of the 4 options was presented and voted on. The Mount Holly Subcommittee members decided unanimously to present the voters of Mount Holly with the recommendation that the Mount Holly School District merge with Mill River.

The Ludlow members of the Subcommittee then met. As Mount Holly had decided to join Mill River, the Black River High School had thereby lost 50 Mount Holly students – reducing its enrollment to about 100  - thus virtually ending its life. This sad realization seemed to plunge the Ludlow members of the Subcommittee and the audience into a distressed confusion about what to do or what to recommend. A motion to put before the voters the dissolution of the old Union 39 (the union of the two towns to feed students to the Black River Union High School) was defeated. There was much discussion back and forth between the Subcommittee and the audience. Finally, at about 9:15 the Ludlow Subcommittee members passed a motion to present the voters of Ludlow with the recommendation that Ludlow merge with Mill River.

The meeting ended on a somber note, and tears were shed for the proposed loss of the community’s high school.

Annette Lynch

Friday, March 10, 2017


March 14, 2017


  1. Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Additions or Changes to Agenda

  1. Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of February 14, 2017

  1. Reorganization for 2016 – 2017
  1. Appoint Select Board Chair
  2. Appoint Tree Warden
  3. Appoint E911 Coordinator
  4. Designate newspaper of record for Town legal notices
  5. Engage law firm for tax sales
  6. Appointment of Assistant Clerk by Town Clerk and Assistant Treasurer by Town Treasurer
  7. Appoint Select Board Clerk

  1. Highways
  1. Annual Financial Plan (sign)
  2. FY18 TH Class 2 and Structures Grants –
  3. Better Roads grant programs
  4. Truck and tractor purchase

  1. Report of Treasurer
  1. Monthly income and expense report
  2. Authorization for Orders

  1. Transfer Station
  1. Spring and summer hours as of April ____
  2. Compacter

  1. Planning Commission
  1. RRPC Report

  1. Other
  1. Rabies Clinic
  2. Town Alarm
  3. Lister vacancy
  4. Selectboard clerk vacancy
  1. Review and sign February orders for payment

  1. Executive Session (if needed)
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Need something to read?

From: Ludlow-Mount Holly, Act 46 Subcommittee

Current as of 1:00 PM, March 9, 2017

There are a few media links I have yet to add but they can be found on the LPCTV website.
Act 46 Study Committee Sub-Committee, Ludlow & Mount Holly Agenda (added 3/9/17)
Location: Ludlow Elementary School – PRESIDENTIAL HALL
Date: March 9, 2017, Thursday
Time: 6:00 P.M.

TRSU Study Committee Proposal Drafts

New Documents
(added 3/9/17)

unapproved minutes 
Act 46 Study Committee &
unapproved minutes 
Act 46 RED Sub-Committee
Location: Chester-Andover Elementary School – Gymnasium
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Time, Meeting #1: 6:00 PM RED SUB-Committee of Act 46 Study Committee
Time, Meeting #2: 7:00 PM Act 46 Study Committee

unapproved minutes
Act 46 Study Committee Sub-Committee, Ludlow & Mount Holly
February 9, 2017
Mount Holly Gymnasium
unapproved minutes
Mount Holly Elementary School Board
Regular Meeting
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Ludlow Elementary School Band Room

(format revised 2/21/17)
Vermont School Boards Association
NEW --> February 27,  2017 | Education Legislative Report

The Chester Telegraph
2017/02/15 | Ludlow, Mt. Holly schools close door on RED; 3 options remain
2017/02/15 | Green Mountain RED merger moves forward; Ludlow, Mt. Holly reject plan
2017/02/06 | Four TRSU schools move forward on RED, old options crop up
2017/01/31 | Ludlow-Mt. Holly Act 46 subcommittee explores options without GMUHS
2017/01/23 | Four TRSU towns look to merge; Ludlow, Mt. Holly seek ‘Plan B’
2017/01/18 | Act 46 panel reverses course, looks at ‘scenarios’ to save BRHS
2016/12/19 | TRSU Act 46 panel picks merger option that could close Black River HS
2016/12/14 | Surprising itself, TRSU Act 46 panel leans toward merger option
2016/11/30 | Andover board wrestles with Act 46, addresses relationship with Chester institutions
2016/11/30 | Parents, teachers raise new concerns over school merger plans
2016/11/22 | Which option? Act 46 merger forum at CAES next Tuesday
2016/11/07 | To the editor: Two Rivers Act 46 committee seeks public feedback
2016/11/02 | TRSU Act 46 study panel reboots, takes comments on merger proposal
LPCTV ~ Ludlow Elementary School Board
2017/02/01 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 2/1
2017/01/05 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. ¼
2016/12/07 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 12/7
2016/11/02 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 11/2
2016/10/05 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 10/5
2016/09/08 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 9/6
2016/08/08 | Ludlow Elementary School Board 08/03
2016/06/02 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 6/1
2016/06/02 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. 6/1
2016/05/04 | Ludlow Elementary School Board 5/4
2016/05/04 | Ludlow Elementary School Annual Meeting 4/4
2016/04/04 | LES Annual Mtg. & Re-Org. Mtg. 4/4
2016/03/02 | Ludlow Elementary School Board
2016/02/03 | Ludlow Elementary School Bd. ⅔
2015/12/02 | Ludlow Elem. School Bd. 12/2
2015/11/04 | Ludlow Elem. School Bd. 11/4
2015/10/07 | Ludlow Elementary School Board 10/7
2015/09/03 | Ludlow Elementary School Board 9/3
2015/09/01 | Ludlow Elementary School Board

LPCTV ~ Ludlow + Mount Holly Joint School Boards
2017/02/01 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. 2/1
2017/01/05 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. ¼
2016/12/07 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bd. 12/7
2016/11/02 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. 11/2
2016/10/05 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. 10/5
2016/09/07 | Ludlow & Mt. Holly Joint School Bd. 9/7
2016/08/05 | Ludlow + Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. 8/3
2016/06/29 | Special School Bd. Mtg. Ludlow - Act 46
2016/06/01 | Ludlow Mt. Holly Joint Meeting 6/1
2016/05/06 | Ludlow MtHolly Joint School Board 5/4
2016/05/05 | Ludlow & Mt. Holly Joint School Bds. 5/4
2016/01/06 | Ludlow & Mt Holly Joint School Brd. Mtg. ⅙
2015/12/02 | Ludlow & Mt. Holly School Boards Joint Mtg. 12/2
2015/11/04 | Ludlow & Mt. Holly Joint School Bd. Mtg. 11/4
2015/10/07 | Ludlow & Mt Holly Joint School Board Meeting 10/7
2015/09/23 | LESMtHollyJointMeeting_090315
2015/09/01 | Ludlow - Mt Holly Joint School Board

Agenda (added 2/21/17)
unapproved minutes  (added 2/28/17) of Act 46 Study Committee &
unapproved minutes  (2/28/17) of Act 46 RED Sub-Committee
TRSU Act 46 Study Committee Report Version 4 (added 2/21/17)
Act 46 Study Committee & Act 46 RED Sub-Committee
Location: Chester-Andover Elementary School – Gymnasium
Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017
Time, Meeting #1: 6:00 PM RED SUB-Committee of Act 46 Study Committee
Time, Meeting #2: 7:00 PM Act 46 Study Committee
Primary Objective: Review, Revise & Vote on TRSU Act 46 Study Committee Report
to Submit for Approval to the State Board Of Education (SBE)
Agenda (added 2/21/17)
unapproved minutes (added 2/21/17)
Act 46 Study Committee
RED Sub-Committee
Location: Green Mountain Union High School - Library Learning Commons
February 13, 2017
6:00 PM
Agenda (added 2/7/17)
unapproved minutes  (added 2/10/17)
Act 46 Study Committee
Ludlow-Mt. Holly Sub-Committee
Location: Mount Holly School - Gymnasium
February 9, 2017
6:00 PM
Mount Holly School Board + Carousel Agenda (added 2/7/17)
Written Update re: Act 46 Ludlow-Mt. Holly Sub-Committee (added 2/10/17)
Mount Holly School Board + Carousel
Ludlow Elementary School
February 1, 2017
6:00 PM
Two Rivers Supervisory Union Act 46 Study Committee Report Version 3 (added 2/21/17)
unapproved minutes (added 2/7/17)
Act 46 Study Committee
Andover Town Hall
January 31, 2017
6:00 PM
Agenda (added 2/21/17)
unapproved minutes (added 2/7/17)
Act 46 Study Committee
Ludlow-Mt. Holly Sub-Committee
January 25, 2017
LES Band Room
5:30 PM

Disclaimer: this page is operated by a volunteer as a courtesy to the public. The TRSU website hosts the official copies of agendas and minutes, and the paid staff at TRSU is responsible for keeping them up to date. When in doubt, check the TRSU Act 46 Page.