Saturday, July 13, 2013

BRAM has Antique Appraisal Day, Saturday, July 20th, noon to 4 PM

                     Photo Caption:  BRAM has Antique Appraisal Day, Saturday, July 20th, noon to 4 PM

Black River Academy Museum Hosts Antique Appraisers

 The Black River Academy Museum will host an Antique Appraisal Day on Saturday, July 20th, noon to 4 PM at 14 High Street, Ludlow, VT.  Do you wonder what “Aunt Matilda” left you???  Now, with the critical eye of Mark N. Putnam and his associate, Peter Palmer, you can find out the true worth.  So bring your china, crystal, silver, photos, paintings, mirrors, chairs or anything you can carry to BRAM on Saturday, July 20th for an appraisal, $5.00 per item.  All proceeds will go towards the operating budget of the Museum.
 As an added bonus at the museum, it will open a Military Exhibit covering the Civil War, WW I and WWII on Saturday, July 20th.   Many local Ludlow, VT families will be traced through the various wars and included is a memorial to Victor Zienowicz, a local boy, who went missing in action in WW II.  For further information please contact Georgia Brehm, our director at or call 802-228-5050.

FOLA Has Busy Schedule for Summer

FOLA logo with red rose 9 3 2010.jpg

FOLA Has Busy Schedule for Summer
Activities at Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium
Be sure to mark your calendar for some very special events this summer at the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium:

July 21 at 7 PM - FOLA's musical series continues with "West Side Story", sponsored by Ludlow Insurance Agency
August 3 at 7 PM - The award-winning film, "Argo" hits the screen
August 8 at 7 PM - A very special program about Harper Lee and the writing of her great novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" will feature Mary
McDonagh Murphy, done in conjunction with the Weston Playhouse
August 11 at 7 PM - FOLA's musical series ends with the dancing and music of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a special viewing of
their great movies, sponsored by Calm Moments Spa
August 17 at 7 PM - FOLA sponsors its annual 'Silent Movie Festival', featuring a Buster Keaton full-length film with music provided by
Jeff Rapsis plus a silent short surprise with music provided by Ludlow's own Glen Brown, sponsored by The Book Nook
September 7 at 7 PM - "The Life of Pi", a fantastic award-winning film that you will not forget
September 10 at 6:30 PM - A Health Care Exchange Discussion for Small Businesses, in collaboration with the local Chamber of
Commerce, that will explain Vermont's new Health Care Exchange
September 21 at 7 PM - Alfred Hitchcock's famous film, "Rear Window", will be shown in conjunction with the Hitchcock program
sponsored by the Friends of Fletcher Memorial Library.
All of these great events are free (donations are appreciated). For more information, checkout FOLA's web site at
or call 802-228-7239.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Last night a meeting was held by the Planning Commission to hear the newly appointed Rev. Pastor John Longworth discuss the plans for the Blue Spruce Inn.
Approximately 25 people attended, who voiced their continued concerns about turning the Blue Spruce Inn into a haven for ex-convicts, felons and people (male
or female) who have committed crimes to support a drug or drinking problem.
Will Hunter also attended the meeting and revealed his "revised" concept to provide a home to transition young women from foster homes. However, he went on
to mention also providing homes for women arrested for minor offenses such as shoplifting.
The Pastor indicated that the Church has run out of funds to support the Blue Spruce Inn, and wishes to transfer the property to a non-profit organization, or sell it
on the commercial market.
It was made clear by the Planning Commission, that once the property is transferred or sold to another owner, that owner could do as they wish with the property,
without approval by the Planning Commission, or a vote by the town.
It seems the only non-profit organization the Pastor is speaking to so far is Will Hunter's group.
In my view, any project at the Blue Spruce Inn to help the down-trodden, would require significant investment in renovations, and continued funding to keep it
going. Most importantly, it would require competent, professional staff and support people. To try to accomplish this "on the cheap" with volunteers, would insure
At the conclusion of the meeting it was suggested to give advance notice to all of the townspeople of Mt. Holly to have another open meeting with a much larger
audience and the Pastor.(In approximately one month.)
Anyone who has a good idea for the Blue Spruce Inn, and a way to fund the idea should bring it to the next meeting and prepare a proposal to Pastor Longworth
who will submit it to the Synod for approval.
After the property is transferred or sold it may be too late to influence what goes on there.
Hal Kirshner
Fowler Brook Road

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beaver event press release

Mauri Small
Ninevah Foundation

Leave it to beavers to kick off this summer’s popular “Know Your Wild Neighbors” series at the Mount Holly Town Library, Wednesday, July 24 at 7:00 p.m.   Chris Bernier of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department will be the featured speaker at the workshop, which is sponsored by the Ninevah Foundation and free of charge.
Beavers played an important role in the early colonization of North America, when trappers came in search of their pelts.  At one time, U.S. beaver populations were almost decimated, but today they have rebounded and, in some areas, beavers now create conflicts with humans.
Bernier will explain how beavers accomplish their amazing engineering feats:  gnawing down large trees to construct dams that create the ponds where they live, and building domelike lodges of branches and mud that are home to several generations and are reachable only through underwater entryways.
The presentation will also cover how the beaver’s work benefits other wildlife, and what to do about unwanted beaver activity, such as a beaver dam that causes flooding.  Beaver pelts, a beaver skull and a sample of “beaver-gnawed” wood will be on display, as well as beaver “baffles” – structures designed to control water level and protect culverts affected by beaver dam-building.
Chris Bernier has been a wildlife biologist with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department for 19 years, working on projects ranging from Atlantic salmon restoration in the Connecticut River watershed to research on bobcat habitat use.  In 2011, he became leader of the Furbearer Management Program, and much of his recent field work as focused on determining the distribution of American marten and Canada lynx throughout Vermont.
The Ninevah Foundation ( is a conservation organization dedicated to promoting the wilderness character and tranquil nature of Lake Ninevah and over 3,000 acres of surrounding lands in Mount Holly and Plymouth, Vermont. The “Know Your Wild Neighbors” series is co-sponsored by the Wilderness Community, Inc., the Mount Holly Library Association, the Mount Holly Community Association and the Mount Holly Conservation Trust.
 For more information, please call Mauri Small at (802) 259-2235 or (914) 548-7698.

Host Families Needed

From: Virginia Doss
Subject: Host Families Needed
Dear James
I am a Regional Director working for CIEE, the non-profit agency that coordinates foreign exchange students.  We are one of the agencies that the State Department has designated to supervise the students when they come into the country.  Our mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. We are always looking for good host families and Local Coordinators to help make sure the students that come here have an enriching stay. 
I am writing today because we have a couple students coming to Mount Holly for the 2013-2014 high school year and we need assistance in finding them good homes and families.  In your position in the community, I thought you may be someone or know of someone that would like to host a CIEE student.   We accept all kinds of families - kids, no kids, empty nesters, single parents, and so on. The main requirement is kindness and a willingness to learn about a foreign culture. Families who welcome a student will not only gain a new member, but will also learn about the world, its many values, traditions, languages, food, and more.
Our students have the appropriate visa, medical insurance and pay for all of their own expenses, with the exception of food and utilities. Students are between the ages of 15-18. They are arriving in August and are on a 10 month program. A family may act as a welcome family and bring the student into your community for a part of their experience as well.
If you are not in the position right now to host a student, we would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding this along to your network of friends and family.
Thank you for your time!
HAN13039-Boy. Ji Min is a 15 year old boy from South Korea. "I try to respect other people and have much of affections." He loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. Here he would like to join the soccer team and a guitar club. He has one older sister and a twin brother, who is also participating in an exchange program. He doesn't have any pets. He is looking forward to experience American culture and to becoming a real member of his new family. GPA: 2.7. SLEP: 50
FSL13032 Boy. Alvaro is a 15 year old boy from Spain. "I love music. When I listen to a good cellist, I get goose bumps." Alvaro enjoys tennis, judo, playing the cello in an orchestra, watching movies, acting, and bowling. He looks forward to science clubs and sports while at his US school. He dreams of one day flying an airplane. Alvaro is an only child. GPA: 4.0, SLEP: 59, Allergies: None, Program Length: 10 months, Arrival: August
OEG13097- Girl. Thipchutha is a 17 year old girl from Thailand. "I love to experience new things and good challenges, that's why I choose to be an exchange student. I'm very unique because I am open to try new things but this does not mean I am an impolite person. I'm actually very polite." She likes to ride her bike in her free time. She is a cheerleader at school and is part of her student council. She is interested in media and fashion. She has a younger sister and brother. Budhism. GPA 3.4 Slep 48 Program Length: 10 months Arrival Date August 2013 Allergies: None
ELC13004 - Girl. Alice is a 16 year old girl from Brazil. "I love to meet new people and make new friends." Alice enjoys going to the gym, going to the movies, and spending time at the beach with her family. While she doesn't play on any teams, she likes Volleyball, soccer and swimming. Alice is intersted in joining a sports team or drama club here in the U.S. She likes pets and has one older sister. She is excited to live in a new culture. GPA: 3.3, SLEP: 46, Program Length: 10 months, Arrival Date: August 2013, Alelrgies: none. DPOK.
Regional Director MD ME NH VA VT
300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

Monday, July 8, 2013

Museum Events

Blue Spruce Inn?

Homeless Advocates Balk at New Motel Housing Rules

New rules set to go into effect on July 15 will dramatically slash the number of homeless Vermonters receiving state benefits to stay in motels, a practice that came under fire from lawmakers this winter after emergency assistance spending on motel stays spending skyrocketed to $2.2 million fiscal year 2012 and roughly $4 million in 2013.

The legislature cut its funding for that program to $1.5 million in this year's appropriations bill — and officials at the Vermont Agency of Human Services say the new eligibility rules will keep that spending in check. But advocates for the homeless are raising the alarm that the new rules are too strict, and will leave vulnerable Vermonters without any place to turn if homeless shelters are full.

Chopping motel benefits before other relief programs are in place is like "pulling away the life raft before people know how to swim," says Rita Markley, who directs the Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) in Burlington.

The new rules hinge on a points system. AHS identifies 11 categories of vulnerable individuals, such as people over 65 years of age or pregnant women in their third trimester, and assigns varying points to each category. To qualify for a motel room when shelters are full, an individual must earn at least six points on this scale. (See the new points scale here, as outlined in a memo from Deputy Commissioner Richard Giddings of the Department for Children and Families.)

"You just have to read this and start doing the math," says Markley. Very few people, she contends, will reach six points on the new scale. For instance, a 19-year-old who aged out of the state's foster system, with an ongoing medical need, wouldn't be eligible for a motel stay. Neither would a Reach Up recipient with a child under 6 years of age.

"We do appreciate the fact that a significant number of people who were eligible in the past won’t be eligible, but we will protect the most vulnerable Vermonters," says AHS general counsel Ken Schatz.

The new system were unveiled to the Vermont Council on Homelessness yesterday, and Markley says she and other advocates for the homeless were "stunned" by the rules, which were presented in the last 15 minutes of a two-hour meeting. The rules were drafted under a provision of the Vermont Administrative Procedures Act that allows for an expedited emergency rule-making process. Schatz says the emergency rules will be in effect for no more than 120 days, and that the agency will be undertaking the full rule-making process — which includes time for public comment — starting in a few weeks.

Rachel Batterson, the project manager of the Housing Discrimination Law Project at Vermont Legal Aid, says Legal Aid is considering asking for an injunction against the rules on the basis that the emergency rule-making process may not have been warranted in this case.

In the meantime, no one is sure how many homeless Vermonters currently housed in motels will lose their benefits on July 15. Giddings says that his department is billed for motel stays after the fact, and doesn't know on a day-by-day basis how many people are living in motels. But in a review of motel stays between January and May of this year, Giddings' staff calculated that more than 50 percent of the people approved for motel benefits would no longer qualify under the new system.

Vermonters currently receiving the benefit will need to turn up at local offices of DCF's Economic Services Division on Monday to reapply for assistance. The old eligibility rules will stay in effect until July 15, and state workers will walk recipients through the changes coming down the pike.

The new rules do preserve benefits in two special categories. One is the cold-weather exemption, which guarantees homeless Vermonters a motel room if shelters are full during the harshest parts of the winter. The other allows for benefits under "catastrophic" circumstances when a person loses his or her housing for reasons beyond their control, such as a flood or fire.

While Markley is sympathetic to the need to cut motel spending, she's worried the new rules take those cuts too far, too fast.

"Nobody thinks that spending millions of dollars on motels is a good idea," she says. "And there were some people abusing it last year. But there was also a good portion of very vulnerable people who were not abusing it, who there wasn't room for in shelters."

Markley reports that both the COTS day station and the family shelter are full right now — and the family shelter, which can house 15 families at a time, has a waiting list 27 people deep.

Asked to speculate about what will happen when the new rules go into effect, Markley paused for a long moment.

"What will happen?" she says. "People will be lined up at shelters that can't serve them, because they're full." The one silver lining: "At least it’s in the summer. They won’t freeze."

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mount Holly Day

Save The Date


Games For The Kids. • Meet Friends & Neighbors. • Enjoy Hot Dogs & Hamburgers & More

Mount Holly 2014 Calendar!

                   Mount Holly 2014 Calendar!
On Sale
Saturday, July 6 
at the following locations:
Belmont General Store
Mount Holly Library
Mount Holly Town Office

Look for the calendar
at the 
Mount Holly July 4th Parade
on the MHCA float 
carried by 
2013 Student Winners and Calendar Photographers
Luke DeArruda and Mary Faenza

2013 Photo Contest Entry Forms
now available too!

For more information
Janet Warren 259-2007 

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Serving Mount Holly for over 168 years!

Serving Mount Holly for over 168 years!

BGS Update

July 1, 2013

The latest news and info from the Belmont General Store.
View our full menu

Phil's Fiesta Days

Come in on Tuesdays (10am-1pm), Thursdays (10am-1pm) and Saturdays (10am-2pm) and get a taste of real Mexican Meals. Phil has quite a few different options to choose from. He makes his own salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips and seasoned meats fresh for each day. How about a Burrito or Taco Trio or fresh Chips & Salsa? See the specials board outside the store or in the deli for availability and prices. Yum!!!

Gluten-Free & Organic

We have started our gluten-free & organic section in the store. We now have Shar pasta, Bob's Red Mill flours and cake mixes, Gillians bread crumbs, Annies ketchup, Braggs organic vinaigrette, Rudi's organic hamburger buns & Luna bars. Tell us what you want next. We have a whole aisle to fill but we need your suggestions.

Daily Specials Are Back

Our daily specials are back. Come in for delicious pizzas, burgers, grinders or fish.

Monday: $2.00 off All Pizzas
Tuesday: $1.00 off All Big (1/2lb) Burgers
Wednesday: Grinders for $5.55
Thursday: $1.00 - $2.00 off Fish Meals

New Products Recently Added:

It's been a while since we last sent out an update. The following are just some of the many new products that we now carry.

  • BGS Grape 12oz $1.50
  • Madria Sangria Moscato 750ml $5.99
  • Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill 750ml $3.99
  • Twisted Tea Tropical Bottle 12oz $2.05
  • Starbucks Iced Coffee Vanilla 11oz $2.45
  • Hob Nob Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL $9.02
  • Picheral Organic Merlot 750mL $10.99
  • Stellar Organic Shiraz 750mL $9.99
  • Our Daily Red Organic Wine 750mL $8.99
  • Redbridge Lager Gluten Free Bottle 12oz $1.55
  • Wild Vines Strawberry White Zinfandel 750ml $5.49
  • Madria Sangria Tradicional Citrus 750ml $5.99
  • Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian 750ml $3.99
  • Boone's Farm Snow Creek Berry 750ml $3.99
  • Lays Salt & Vinegar 9.5oz $4.29
  • Pistachios 2oz $1.99
  • Breyers Chips Ahoy 1.5qt $5.60
  • Breyers Reese's 1.5qt $5.60
  • Volteo Tempranillo 750ml $8.99
  • Volteo Temp Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml $8.99
  • Massimo Malbec 750ml $10.99
  • Mercedes Eguren Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL $9.99
  • Rivary Tempranillo 750mL $9.99
  • Twisted Tea Tropical Bottle 12oz 6pk $8.95
  • The Spanish Quarter Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo 750mL $8.99
  • Raimat Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL $9.99
  • Harpoon IPA Can 12oz 12pk $15.59
  • Long Trail Double Bag Can 16oz 4pk $9.20
  • Long Trail Ale 12oz 12pk $15.59
  • American Flatbread Pizza 9oz $9.79
  • B-Y Sweet Peas Can 15oz $1.19
  • Fruttare Fruit and Milk Strawberry Pop $2.29
  • Schar Italian Breadstick GF 5.30oz $6.19
  • Schar Pasta Penne GF 12oz $4.79
  • Schar Pasta Spagetti GF 12oz $4.79
  • Hero Fruit Spread Strawberry 12oz $4.99
  • Hero Fruit Spread Apricot 12oz $4.99
  • Gillians Bread Crumbs Gluten free 12oz $6.09
  • Luna Bar Cookie Dough Gluten Free 1.6oz $1.49
  • Luna Bar Chocolate Peanut butter Gluten Free 1.60oz $1.49
  • Gluten Free Multigrain crackers 4.40oz $5.49
  • Gluten Free Original crackers 4.40oz $5.49
  • Gluten Free Original Crackers 4.40oz 6ct $32.94
  • Gluten Free Cheddar crackers 4.40oz $5.49
  • Annies Organic Ketchup 24oz $4.89
  • Vans Waffle Totally Naturel 9oz $3.89
  • Braggs Organic Healthy Vinaigrette 12oz $7.09
  • Bobs Red Mill Chocolate Cake Mix 16oz $5.39
  • Bobs Red Mill Vanilla Cake Mix 19oz $4.59
  • Bobs Red Mill Brownie Mix 21oz $5.89
  • Bobs Red Mill Flour Gluten Free 22oz $5.49
  • Rudis Burger Buns White 18oz $5.39
  • Good Earth Tea Decaf Original 25bg $5.49
  • Hob Nob Chardonnay 750mL $9.99
  • Green Mountain Vanilla Greek Yogurt 32oz $4.83
  • La Vieille Ferme Red Wine 750mL $8.99
  • Zicam Cold Citrus 25ct $14.09
  • Zicam Cold Remedy Cherry 25ct $14.09
  • Round Hill Biodynamic Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL $9.99
  • CottonWood Organic White 750mL $6.99
  • CottonWood Organic Red 750mL $6.99
  • ChocoVine 750mL $9.99
  • Stella Artois Cidre 12oz 4pk $7.35
  • Funyuns Onion Ring Chips 6.5oz $3.49
  • Snickers Bites King Size $1.79
  • Fuse Jam N' Buds $9.99
  • Eco Cig Rechargeable Tobacco $9.99
  • Eco Cig Rechargeable Menthol $9.99
  • Eco Cig Disposable Tobacco $6.99
  • Eco Cig Disposable Menthol $6.99
  • Eco Cig Cartomizer Refill Tobacco 3pk $7.99
  • Eco Cig Cartomizer Refill Menthol 3pk $7.99
  • Orange Crush Fridge Pack 12oz 12pk $6.88
  • WB Cousino Macul Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml $9.99
  • Prestige Conquista Malbec 750ml $7.99
  • Magic Hat Elder Betty Bottle 12oz 6pk $8.95
  • La Vieille Ferme White Wine 750mL $8.99
  • Vicks ZzzQuil 6oz $7.49
  • Distlers Pretzels Maple 2oz $1.29
  • Distlers Pretzels Spicy 2oz $1.29
  • Distlers Pretzels Ranch 2oz $1.29
  • Undurraga T.H Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml $19.99
  • Undurraga Sibaris Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml $14.99
  • Undurraga Sibaris Pinot Noir 750ml $14.99
  • One Hope Pinot Noir 750ml $10.99
  • Alamos Malbec 750mL $9.99
  • Beringer Chardonnay 750mL $5.99
  • Beringer Pinot Grigio 750mL $5.99
  • Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon 750mL $5.99
  • Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale Can Fridge Pack 12oz 12pk $6.95
  • Gatorade Strawberry/Watermelon 32oz $2.29
  • Walpole Creamery Mocha Chip 1pt $5.09
  • Walpole Creamery Coffee 1pt $5.09
  • Walpole Creamery Mocha Chip 1pt 6ct $30.54
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Stick Chipotle $1.59
  • Shed IPA Bottle 12pk $16.05
  • Nestea Iced Tea Diet Lemon 20oz $1.09
  • Nestea Iced Tea Lemon 20oz $1.09
  • Nestea Iced Tea Raspberry 20oz $1.09
  • Vermont Smoke & Cure Stick Cracked Pepper $1.59
  • Rosie's BBQ Sauce Hot 19oz $4.29
  • Rosie's BBQ Sauce Mild 19oz $4.19
  • Rosie's BBQ Sauce Maple Flavor 19oz $4.29

Nightly Specials:

Monday: $2.00 off All Pizzas
Tuesday: $1.00 off All Big (1/2lb) Burgers
Wednesday: Grinders for $5.55
Thursday: $1.00 - $2.00 off Fish Meals

Store Hours

Sunday: 8am - 7pm
Monday - Thursday: 7am - 7pm
Friday - Saturday: 7am - 8pm


Coming Up This Week:

  • Independence Day - Thursday
  • Independence Day Parade - Saturday, July 6
  • Farmers Market - Saturday, July 6

Music on the green - July 4th

Brought to you by the Mount Holly Community Association 

Enjoy a  mixture of  smooth jazz, Brazilian, and pop by a musician who has been featured on "A Prairie Home Companion and voted as one of Nashville's upcoming Songwriter's!  Enjoy free outdoor concerts every Thursday 
evening in July and August on the green by the Belmont Baptist Church. In case of rain the concert will be held across the street at the Mount Holly Community Center.

Bring a chair, blanket, picnic friends and family to support live music in Mount Holly 

Monday, July 1, 2013

76mm Bullet Scare at the Black River Academy Museum

76mm Bullet Scare at the Black River Academy Museum

Director Georgia Brehm, with a museum volunteer, discovered a 76 mm anti-aircraft gun bullet, not fully detonated, amongst artifacts recently donated to the museum.  Brehm called the Ludlow police, who, upon inspecting the bullet, decided this was an emergency case for the National Guard.
Chris Derringer, Steven Heffernan and David Lowder from the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit responded.  They are part of the 158thFighter Wing stationed in Burlington, VT.  They noted that the timer, set at 6 ½ seconds, had not gone off, pellets were still in the nose, but specific grooves indicated it had been fired.  A total uncertainty as to the gun powder having been removed dictated that the bullet be detonated/destroyed at one of the National Guard’s safe sites.  The museum is waiting the results, live or not.  We will keep you posted.