Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Salmonella Infections Linked to Live Poultry | May 2014 | Salmonella | CDC

Joseph McDonald


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  • As of May 7, 2014, a total of 60 persons infected with the outbreak strains of Salmonella Infantis orSalmonella Newport have been reported from 23 states.
    • 31% of ill persons have been hospitalized, and no deaths have been reported.
  • Epidemiologic and traceback findings have linked this outbreak of human Salmonella Infantis and SalmonellaNewport infections to contact with chicks, ducklings, and other live baby poultry from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio.
    • 82% of ill people reported contact with live poultry in the week before their illness began.
    • Findings of multiple traceback investigations of live baby poultry from homes of ill persons have identified Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio as the source of chicks and ducklings.
  • This is the same mail-order hatchery that has been associated with multiple outbreaks of Salmonella infections linked to live poultry in past years, including in 2012 and 2013.
  • Mail-order hatcheries, agricultural feed stores, and others that sell or display chicks, ducklings, and other live poultry should provide health-related information to owners and potential purchasers of these birds prior to the point of purchase. This should include information about the risk of acquiring a Salmonella infection from contact with live poultry.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water right after touching live poultry or anything in the area where they live and roam.
    • Do not let live poultry inside the house.
    • Additional recommendations are available.
    • These recommendations are important and apply to all live poultry, regardless of the age of the birds or where they were purchased.
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My input about Town roads and ATV's

ATVs scare people.  Why?  Because of the media?  Because we are not well informed to know enough about them and their use?
       Many people in this town and all over the state own and use ATVs as work vehicles, some to maintain their maple sugar business, others to us as agricultural vehicles, others to plow their driveway and maybe even several neighbors drives as well. The most common use right now, because of the baby boomers are getting up into their golden years, has been a mode of transportation so that they could still do things that they use to do.  To put it plainly, it is their legs, it is a perfect vehicle to get form here to there - whether it' to the garden, the mail box, the back forty, the barn, shed, your favorite fishing hole or hunting spot - these vehicles are extremely useful. If they weren't so useful, then the Ski Areas, Federal and State Forest Wardens, Rescue Personal-Teams, Beach Patrol Officers, Snowmobile Clubs, Golf Courses and the list just goes on and on, they wouldn't be using these vehicles.  
    These are not the Three Wheel Vehicles of the past; the safety commission had them removed from the market a long time ago. So all the scare that everyone is still living by has been removed. Yet we pass three wheel vehicles on the highway all summer long and know one says a thing.  
    I would like you to know that my family has three ATVs, each for a complete different reason. One is my farm vehicle-  I have 3 attachments for this ATV:  a rough cut mower, a finish mower, and a rotor-tiller that I share with my brother, who has the same identical ATV.  My second one I have, I use to haul a cart to do yard work, garden work, take hunting or fishing, to trail ride with friends or family. The third one, I have a small ATV for my children to enjoy riding.  It also has a tow hitch and this is my way to get them to participate in the chores around the house.  All of their friends enjoy riding this ATV as well.   
    I, being a member of the committee for ATV use on town roads, have agreed to an ordinance which has a set of laws that we are going to propose to the selectmen of the town of Mt. Holly.  Without this ordinance, it is dangerous to operate or know that there is under-aged, non-license, non-insured, not wearing helmets or abiding to any traffic speed or control users out there.  I believe that with our laws set forth, and the participation of neighborhood watch, and reporting of the miss-use of the ATV will better protect our families, friends, and loved ones from the reckless unruly operators that stand out in the minds of us all.  If I get enough response requesting a informational gathering on what an ATV is, I would gladly pull together a bunch of our community members with their ATVs, and a good selection from my business inventory as well so you could see why I would like the ability to drive on town roads to visit or work, hunt or rescue, or to lend a helping hand. 

Bruce Turco

Friday, May 23, 2014

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mount Holly

Francis Devine

12:22 PM (6 hours ago)

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mount Holly Town Highway Access Request and Survey

 At the March Select Board meeting, a group of ATV owners and users described a problem they faced. Currently, ATV owners who would like to ride an ATV from their home base to another non-contiguous parcel of land must do so across another person’s land.  In order to cross that land the rider must have written permission to do so.  In the absence of that permission, the rider must either trailer their ATV to the remote site, or ride illegally on the town highway as state law currently prohibits the use of ATVs on roads.  ATV owners have requested that they be given permission to ride legally on designated town roads connecting their different riding locations to alleviate this problem.
The Select Board asked that a committee be formed to review the request and make recommendations. The committee believes that the best solution to the request will be developed if we have full input from town residents, landowners, and other stakeholders. A survey to solicit the Mount Holly community’s opinion has been developed and is attached. In addition, for your information is a draft of the possible ordinance.  The committee would greatly appreciate your taking a moment to read and answer the survey.   Please return the survey by by June 10th.  Thank you for your input.  
When you complete the survey, please send it to one of the following:
  • Scan to a pdf. file and email to MtHollyATV@gmail.com
  • Drop off at the Mt. Holly Town Office or the Belmont General Store
  • Fold and mail to: Mt. Holly ATV Committee, c/o PO Box 45, Belmont, VT 05730 

If you have any questions, please email them to MtHollyATV@gmail.com