Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Host Families Needed

From: Virginia Doss
Subject: Host Families Needed
Dear James
I am a Regional Director working for CIEE, the non-profit agency that coordinates foreign exchange students.  We are one of the agencies that the State Department has designated to supervise the students when they come into the country.  Our mission is to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world. We are always looking for good host families and Local Coordinators to help make sure the students that come here have an enriching stay. 
I am writing today because we have a couple students coming to Mount Holly for the 2013-2014 high school year and we need assistance in finding them good homes and families.  In your position in the community, I thought you may be someone or know of someone that would like to host a CIEE student.   We accept all kinds of families - kids, no kids, empty nesters, single parents, and so on. The main requirement is kindness and a willingness to learn about a foreign culture. Families who welcome a student will not only gain a new member, but will also learn about the world, its many values, traditions, languages, food, and more.
Our students have the appropriate visa, medical insurance and pay for all of their own expenses, with the exception of food and utilities. Students are between the ages of 15-18. They are arriving in August and are on a 10 month program. A family may act as a welcome family and bring the student into your community for a part of their experience as well.
If you are not in the position right now to host a student, we would greatly appreciate your help in forwarding this along to your network of friends and family.
Thank you for your time!
HAN13039-Boy. Ji Min is a 15 year old boy from South Korea. "I try to respect other people and have much of affections." He loves sports, especially soccer and basketball. Here he would like to join the soccer team and a guitar club. He has one older sister and a twin brother, who is also participating in an exchange program. He doesn't have any pets. He is looking forward to experience American culture and to becoming a real member of his new family. GPA: 2.7. SLEP: 50
FSL13032 Boy. Alvaro is a 15 year old boy from Spain. "I love music. When I listen to a good cellist, I get goose bumps." Alvaro enjoys tennis, judo, playing the cello in an orchestra, watching movies, acting, and bowling. He looks forward to science clubs and sports while at his US school. He dreams of one day flying an airplane. Alvaro is an only child. GPA: 4.0, SLEP: 59, Allergies: None, Program Length: 10 months, Arrival: August
OEG13097- Girl. Thipchutha is a 17 year old girl from Thailand. "I love to experience new things and good challenges, that's why I choose to be an exchange student. I'm very unique because I am open to try new things but this does not mean I am an impolite person. I'm actually very polite." She likes to ride her bike in her free time. She is a cheerleader at school and is part of her student council. She is interested in media and fashion. She has a younger sister and brother. Budhism. GPA 3.4 Slep 48 Program Length: 10 months Arrival Date August 2013 Allergies: None
ELC13004 - Girl. Alice is a 16 year old girl from Brazil. "I love to meet new people and make new friends." Alice enjoys going to the gym, going to the movies, and spending time at the beach with her family. While she doesn't play on any teams, she likes Volleyball, soccer and swimming. Alice is intersted in joining a sports team or drama club here in the U.S. She likes pets and has one older sister. She is excited to live in a new culture. GPA: 3.3, SLEP: 46, Program Length: 10 months, Arrival Date: August 2013, Alelrgies: none. DPOK.
Regional Director MD ME NH VA VT
300 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

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