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Selectboard Meeting Minutes 3/14/17

Selectboard Meeting Minutes 3/14/17 (these minutes are a draft and have not yet been approved by the Selectboard)

The meeting  was called to order at 7:32 by Ted Crawford, Chair.  Tim Martin was present.  Also present were Jeff Teter, Dave Johnson and Jim Seward.   All stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

2) Addition to Agenda: Appointment of Representative and Alternate to Board of Supervisors of the Rutland County Waste District. VOTED to appoint Clinton Woolley as Representative and Jeff Teter as Alternate. (2-0)

3) Minutes:  The minutes of the regular meeting of February 14 were sent out before the meeting for review.  VOTED: to approve the February 14 minutes.  Passed 2-0

4) Reorganization for 2016-2017.  Upon motions made and seconded, the following were Voted (all votes were 2-0,) Selectboard Chair:  Ted Crawford. Tree Warden: Ray Tarbell. E911 Coordinator: Sue Covalla. Newspaper of Record:  Vermont Journal. The Town Clerk appointed Nancy Conner as assistant Town Clerk.  The Town Treasurer appointed Diana Garrow as Assistant Town Treasurer. The Selectboard Clerk position remains vacant.  The 911 measuring will be done by Ted Crawford. The date and time of the regular Selectboard meeting was set for 7:30 on the second Tuesday of the month. The two public places for posting of the agenda are the Mount Holly and Belmont Post Offices.    On a weekly basis the orders will be reviewed and signed by the Selectboard Chair, Ted Crawford.

5) Highways.  The Board reviewed and signed the Annual Financial Plan which provides the town’s budget for highways.  This required document is used with grant applications and FEMA disasters, among other things.  Deadline for FY18 TH Class 2 grants is April 15th.  Jeff is working on it.  A $5,700 grant was awarded to the town to conduct a road drainage study, a study required by the State.  Jeff has been researching prices for a new truck and tractor.  He will meet individually with Tim and Ron and will present information at the April Selectboard meeting.

6)Report of the Treasurer:  David presented an income and expense statement dated March  2017 Highlights: Delinquent taxes are lower than expected for this time of year, down to $105,000, solid waste labels sold are at $14,000 and the projected budget should be realized, winter road material is over budget and winter labor will be as well. Some of this overage will be made up with the balance of funds in summer labor and materials
Authorization for Orders: Upon motions made and seconded, it was VOTED to authorize the Treasurer to put on the orders and pay certain items: payroll taxes and withholding payments,  regular wages, postage, property tax refunds and school advances per the schedule reviewed annually (2-0).  VOTED To authorize the Selectboard Clerk to review all invoices, bills and other requests for payments and place them on the orders for the Selectboard to authorize for payment. (2-0)

7)Transfer Station: The Board approved summer hours at the Transfer Station.  The last Sunday will be April 9th and the first Wednesday will be April 12th.  The trash compactor is no longer working.  Estimates to repair total over $6,500.  To rent one would cost $365 per month and to purchase one would cost $21,000.  It was noted that five years of rental would be equal to the purchase price and the life of the compactor could be as long as 25 years.  The town has $15,208 in reserves for this replacement and it was felt that other savings in the budget could offset the balance.  A motion was made and seconded to purchase a new trash compactor.  VOTED:  To purchase a new trash compactor for $21,000.  (2-0).  It will take approximately six weeks for delivery so a temporary container will be at the transfer station and will be “pulled” as required.      

8) RRPC Report:  At the last meeting of the RRPC the budget and audit were discussed.  It was also mentioned that funding for energy planning going forward is tenuous.  No specific Mount Holly topics were discussed by the Commissioners.

9)Other:  There will not be a rabies clinic at Mount Holly this year.  Wallingford will host a clinic on Saturday March 18 starting at 10:00 am.  The Town Office was broken into and Sue Covalla will be doing research on alarms and cameras and will present information at the next Selectboard meeting.  Ted will research any possible grant money.  Both the Selectboard Clerk position and a Listers position remain vacant.  These are very important positions for the community and the Selectboard urged members of our community to come forward and apply for these vacancies.

10) The Board reviewed and signed the February orders for payment.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by motion made and seconded and approved at 8:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted

Ted Crawford        

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