Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Mount Holly Photo Contest WINNERS!

Congratulations to this year's photo contest winners.  As always, the judges had a difficult time making their decisions.  Many thanks to our judges Diana Garrow, Brenda Kelly, Alec McCallum, Stephanie Stouffer, and Craig Tomkinson for their always thoughtful discussions and selection.  Please note that Craig had to recuse himself from any discussion about family members' photos. 

And thanks to everyone in the community who voted over the weekend for their favorite photos and for the 2013 Mount Holly Calendar.  For the first time, our popular prize winner was also our Grand Prize winner, Robin Boger - although she won for two different photos! 

There is still time to vote for the photos for the 2013 Mount Holly Calendar.  The photos will be on exhibit through Sunday, October 23 on the lower level of the Community Center/Library.  Please visit during the library hours.

Finally, don't forget to buy your 2012 Mount Holly Calendars!  They are still available at the Belmont Store, Town Office, and the Community Center/Library.

2011 Mount Holly Photo Contest

                         Photo Name                            Photographer

GRAND PRIZE:                  Help!                                    Robin Boger

POPULAR PRIZE!            Hello, World!                          Robin Boger

First Prize                        The Bad and the Beautiful         Kristopher Covalla

Second Prize                     Apples on Ice                            Beth Chase

Third Prize                     Gabrielle Grouse                           Dorothy Tomkinson
Honorary Mention          Blueberry Harvest                         Laura Douglas  

Honorary Mention           Field of Dreams                           Jacob Mailhiot     

5 to 12                                               

First Prize                                         Friends                                    Hannah Paz           

Second Prize                         Patch’s Pasture                                   Lukas DeArruda

13 to 18

First Prize                             Sunlit Bouquet                                   Caroline Sardella

Second Prize                         October Glory                                    Chloe Demers

Third Prize                            Apple Love                                          Meredith Green

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