Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blue Spruce Inn

Last night a meeting was held by the Planning Commission to hear the newly appointed Rev. Pastor John Longworth discuss the plans for the Blue Spruce Inn.
Approximately 25 people attended, who voiced their continued concerns about turning the Blue Spruce Inn into a haven for ex-convicts, felons and people (male
or female) who have committed crimes to support a drug or drinking problem.
Will Hunter also attended the meeting and revealed his "revised" concept to provide a home to transition young women from foster homes. However, he went on
to mention also providing homes for women arrested for minor offenses such as shoplifting.
The Pastor indicated that the Church has run out of funds to support the Blue Spruce Inn, and wishes to transfer the property to a non-profit organization, or sell it
on the commercial market.
It was made clear by the Planning Commission, that once the property is transferred or sold to another owner, that owner could do as they wish with the property,
without approval by the Planning Commission, or a vote by the town.
It seems the only non-profit organization the Pastor is speaking to so far is Will Hunter's group.
In my view, any project at the Blue Spruce Inn to help the down-trodden, would require significant investment in renovations, and continued funding to keep it
going. Most importantly, it would require competent, professional staff and support people. To try to accomplish this "on the cheap" with volunteers, would insure
At the conclusion of the meeting it was suggested to give advance notice to all of the townspeople of Mt. Holly to have another open meeting with a much larger
audience and the Pastor.(In approximately one month.)
Anyone who has a good idea for the Blue Spruce Inn, and a way to fund the idea should bring it to the next meeting and prepare a proposal to Pastor Longworth
who will submit it to the Synod for approval.
After the property is transferred or sold it may be too late to influence what goes on there.
Hal Kirshner
Fowler Brook Road

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