Friday, April 25, 2014



Green Electricity

& Help Mt Holly Get $125,000 Grant

         Mount Holly can “plant” a community scale SOLAR farm” to produce “green” electricity for anyone interested. 

         You can help the environment and get big $ savings too. 

It’s’ simple.  Instead of paying GMP for the electricity you use for your home or business, you pay the same amount to buy solar panels, and in a short time with no money down own the solar array and get electricity Free

         Solar systems produce electricity year around and this SUN power is bought by GMP at a premium that is credited via net metering to make existing electric meters run backwards.   

         There is one well-selected site of about 1 acre for all the panels, so anyone can participate, even those without clear or south-facing locations.   

         Residences and especially businesses get attractive incentives that can reduce costs by 30 to 66%. 

We can get a grant from the Clean Energy Development Fund for $125,000 if there is broad-based community involvement and acceptance.  Letters of support need to be submitted with our proposal by May 9th

Show your support at a meeting on SUNDAY, MAY 4th at 4 pm at the Mount Holly LIBRARY.

Or, contact Marcy Tanger at 259 2344 or to see how you can sign on for solar green electricity and help get the grant from the CEDF

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