Monday, February 22, 2016

Protect the View from Star Lake and Belmont Road

Protect the View from Star Lake and Belmont Road
Jason Day of Star Wind Turbines in East Dorset, VT has applied to the Public Service Board to put three commercial wind turbines along the ridge of Hedgehog Hill, easily visible from Belmont Rd., Star Lake, and from the dozens of homes across Star Lake. 
In his application he states, “The area where the turb'ines are located would not be considered any more scenic or natural than all of Vermont.”  Really?  This is the opinion of an out-of-town, for-profit business.  It differs widely from what Mount Holly residents have expressed in public meetings and in the Town Plan!

Jason Day’s application also states that his wind towers’ “visual impact would not be more adverse than a telephone pole…” ignoring the fact that telephone poles aren’t usually 103 feet tall with blades 72 feet long for a total height of 139 feet!
Jason Day has also ignored the town’s express desire for a 2 year moratorium on such projects.

Here’s a link to a copy of the Application.  Note that it contains numerous technical and procedural errors that will be contested.  Also, the four visual impact photos/drawings were not verified using a balloon demonstration, so their accuracy is unknown.
If you wish to object to a commercial wind farm being sited within the middle of a Mt. Holly residential area, please contact:
Carol Ballou (259-2333 or, or
Ron Unterman (259-2491 or
for more information.

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