Friday, May 10, 2013

“War Horse” Next FOLA Movie, on Saturday, May 11

“War Horse” Next FOLA Movie, on Saturday, May 11 
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“War Horse” will be the next FOLA movie in the Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium on Saturday, May 11, at 7 PM
Set against a sweeping canvas of rural England and Europe during the First World War, War Horse begins with the remarkable friendship between a horse named Joey and a young man called Albert, who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted, the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war, changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets-British cavalry, German soldiers, and a French farmer and his granddaughter-before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of No Man’s Land. The First World War is experienced through the journey of this horse-an odyssey of joy and sorrow, passionate friendship and high adventure. 
Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly wrote, “The project is tailor-made for Saving Private Ryan Spielberg, the war-story specialist, as well as for E.T. Spielberg, the chronicler of boyhood desires and yearnings for family.” Christopher Tookey of Daily Mail gave the film 5 out of 5 stars and called it “Spielberg’s finest hour”. Rex Reed of The New York Observer gave the film 4 out of 4 stars and said, “War Horse is a don’t-miss Spielberg classic that reaches true perfection. It’s as good as movies can get, and one of the greatest triumphs of this or any other year.” 
Roger Ebert said the film contained “surely some of the best footage Spielberg has ever directed”. He wrote, “The film is made with superb artistry. Spielberg is the master of an awesome canvas. Most people will enjoy it, as I did.” Richard Roeper praised War Horse by saying, “What a gorgeous, breathtaking, epic adventure this is.” He gave the film 4.5 out of 5 stars. Ty Burr of The Boston Globe said that the film was a work of full-throated Hollywood classicism that looks back to the craftsmanship and sentimentality of John Ford and other legends of the studio era. 
The movie, per FOLA policy, is free and open to everyone; donations to support the continuing display of movies are appreciated. For further information, call 802-228-7239 or

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