Saturday, September 14, 2013

Demands upon our Elected Officials

Ted Crawford
At the last Select Board meeting the group of 11 continued to make
demands upon our elected officials.
Several Mt Holly citizens became concerned that this group of 11
would continue to waste the towns, money, resources and time if
not confronted
14 members of the community decided to circulate a petition in
support of the select board,
The petition states:
In a letter dated 5/14/13 a group of 11 individuals threatened to sue the Mount Holly Select
Board unless the Select Board acted in accordance with the group's demands.
We, the undersigned, firmly believe in the democratic process and support our Select Board
in its efforts to serve in the best interest of our community. The Select Board's openness and
constant communication with the public in all of their meetings has been exemplary.
The action taken by the group of 11 has been both disrespectful and costly (over $4,000 in
legal fees to date). They are clearly in the minority and, while they are entitled to their own
op.-inions, they must learn to cooperate with the majority and not continue to waste time and
money trying to dictate their beliefs.
On an average non presidential year approx 320 citizens vote ln
Mount Holly-March of 2014 should be the same. Obviously if
we could get over 160 signatures we could demonstrate the
majority opinion. If it were a presidential year approx 500 people
vote so anything over 251 would establish a majority opinion as
382 registered voters signed this petition. Another 8 non registered
voters also signed it and several people who were not registered
said they would do so to insure their voices were heard as well.
To the group of 11:
There is no need to hire an architect/engineer/planner
There is no need to establish a building committee
There is no need to create a communications committee
Traffic studies and school impact studies are ridiculous
Searching for other suitable parcels of land is absurd
If the select board believes their number should be increased from,
3 to 5 then they can make that recommendation and have it put to a
vote. We do not need the group of 11 to tell us what we need.
On behalf of the 382 people who signed this petition, we sincerely
hope this is the end of the group of 1l's involvement in the town
garage, their threatened lawsuit and their attempt to force minority
opinions over the majority.
If you have not signed this petition and would like to do so, please
call Chris Pratt (259-3445) or Ted Crawford (259-2033) and we
will get the petition to you

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  1. Ted and other community members who circulated the petition - I just wanted to thank you all for taking the time to reach out to the voters of Mount Holly for our feedback. I appreciate being asked! It appears that the voters have spoken loudly and clearly. I hope this can now be "laid to rest" - it was sad to see such an amount of money go to this - it could have been used for other town needs. Thank you to our Select Board for your time and commitment to our town.