Monday, September 23, 2013

The MT Holly Sno*Drifters needs your help!

The MT Holly Sno*Drifters needs
 your help!

The MT Holly Sno*drifters would like to continue the New Year’s Eve tradition by providing fireworks for the community celebration.

We are looking for donations:
What’s needed: Baskets filled with theme items such as:
·        Dog basket (dog bones, dog toys, treats, leash etc.)
·        Vermont basket (maple syrup, pancake mix, maple candy, jelly etc)
·        Sports theme (Red Sox, Bruins or Patriot things)
·        Pamper me basket (candles, lotions, shower gels)
·        Food baskets (Italian, Mexican etc...)
·        Garden baskets, Scrap book baskets, kids basket, cleaning basket, car wash basket, race car theme (you get the idea)

You don’t necessarily need to use a basket. You could use a bucket, a cat litter box, anything you can put things in. All items need to be new, so use your creative imagination.
These Baskets’s will be displayed and auctioned off on Cider days in Belmont(Similar to a Chinese auction) Saturday, October 12th 10:00 to 4:00 and Sunday, October 13th noon to 4:00. Drawings for the baskets will be on Sunday, October 13th at 4:00 PM

All proceeds will be donated to New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Please call me if you can help, I would be glad to pick up your basket. You can also donate items or gift certificates and I will make the basket or use the item for door prizes. (Ideally baskets should be dropped off at by house by October 11th) Cash and checks are always welcome.

The MT Holly Sno*drifters appreciate your support. I feel confident that our community will pull together to support this fine event.

Mary Marechaux, 802-259-2900 or email

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