Sunday, May 17, 2015

Attorney General Loretta Lynch blames the public schools

Joseph McDonald

I thought Bizarro World was only in the Superman comics.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch blames the public schools, who are dealing with a lack of discipline and respect for policies and the law from their hoodlum students. It is they, she claims, who are at fault for eliminating the offenders from their populations in the interest of educating the other students and their safety.
Rather than acknowledge that the same behavior that puts the students at odds with the school is what later leads them to a jail or prison sentence, Lynch promotes the nonsensical proposition that if the schools only let thebad kids get away with what they’re doing a little more, they’d have a chance to develop normally.
She cutely identifies the problem as the “School to Prison Pipeline,” attacking the schools which must deal with undisciplined criminals-in-the-making as the problem rather than one of the first institutional victims who must deal with the parasitic horde of young, entitled anarchists.

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