Monday, May 23, 2016

Sports Odyssey in Ludlow

Kathleen Leber

Sports Odyssey should be ashamed for their lack of support for the Farmers’ Market.  Exactly how many customers do they usually get between 4-7 pm on fridays???  Actually, if people were allowed to park in their lot for a half hour, they would be much more inclined to stop in Sports Odyssey after visiting the Marked, as they are already parked next to Odyssey’s entrance.  Sports Odyssey:  How about posting signs saying:  Thanks for your support of the Ludlow Farmers’ Market and our local farmers.  Please stop in and see our great sales!    (I’m sure the Farmers’ market would gladly pay for these!)
Frankly, they would get more customers that way!!!!

I would encourage like minded individuals to copy this, and/or send their own thoughts to Sports Odyssey.

As for me, further lack of cooperation on Sports Odyssey’s part will result in my boycotting it, and strongly encouraging others NOT to shop there!! 
Kathy Leber  

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