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Minutes of Advisory Council Meeting May 23, 2016

Minutes of Advisory Council Meeting May 23, 2016

Ed Bove called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.  Committee members present: Ed Bove, Peter Berger, Alyson Blodgett, Tom Veysey and Don Eatmon.  Community members who signed in for the meeting: Ted Crawford, Bill McGrath, Don Richardson, Rhonda Rivers,Candace Neary,Lester Lampert, David Johnson, Minga Dana and Peter Smith.
Ed Bove presented a summary of the topics discussed and how they related to land use.  It was noted that the existing Town Plan does a good job of capturing what the  citizens of Mount Holly want.
The largest land use in Mount Holly is residential properties.  Others properties discussed included the Green in Belmont, the former Town Garage site, Transfer Station, Star Lake and Lake Ninevah.
It was noted that Mount Holly had a Flood Hazard plan, a Hazard Mitigation plan, Subdivision Regulations but no zoning.  Are these plans sufficient to protect what we have?  There was a consensus that the Town does not want zoning.   There was a brief discussion of “posting” of land versus “current use”.

At 6:35 the meeting was open to any questions or comments.  There was discussion about the procedure for completing the Town Plan.  Ed Bove circulated a document depicting this process.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45.

Ted Crawford  

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