Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A News Release from
Rutland Windsor Supervisory Union
For Immediate Release
Date: November 2, 2011
From: Rutland Windsor Supervisory Union Board
Contact: 802-228-2541

On Wednesday night, October 26, 2011, the Rutland Windsor Supervisory Board held an informational meeting in the Ludlow Elementary School Gym. The topic of discussion was the proposed creation of a new Supervisory Union that would include the Districts currently making up the Rutland Windsor Supervisory Union (RWSU) and the Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union (WSWSU).
The Board stressed that the creation of a new Supervisory Union is intended to reduce costs at the administration level. All schools within the two Supervisory Unions will remain open and there are no plans to close any of the schools in either district.
The discussion between the board and the attending public focused on 2 main areas of concern, the possible reduction in costs and increased educational opportunities for students in the participating S.U.’s. Many questions focused on perception that this process is proceeding in a tight timeline. The board responded that the process has been going on for some time and that there are several reasons for the timeline including votes in Londonderry, Landgrove, Peru and Weston to form a Regional Education District (RED) that would then remove those districts from the Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union and then add them to the Bennington Rutland Supervisory Union. The Vermont State Board of Education will consider both proposals in mid-January.
The question was asked if the creation of the new Supervisory Union would affect the sports at Black River High School and the board stated it saw no reason sports would be impacted. There were also concerns over transportation costs and what impact Ludlow’s Municipal Transportation System would have on the new S.U.
Educational benefits of a new S.U. are being explored as well. On Friday, November 4th, Administrators from both Supervisory Unions will meet to consider specific ways to increase educational opportunities by combining their respective administrative structures. Finding new solutions to current challenges within the current districts will be the goal.
There will be another Joint Planning Committee meeting of the combined Rutland Windsor S.U. & Windsor Southwest S.U. Boards on November 16th at the Cavendish Town Elementary School and the public is encouraged to attend. Norm Andrews a financial consultant contracted by the Vermont Department of Education will present the projected financial impacts of the creation of the new S.U. This is a very important meeting as it should answer many of the questions that relate to the financial benefits of the new S.U. This will be an important meeting to attend if you have questions about this process.
On November 30th there will be Public Informational Meeting of the Rutland Windsor S.U. Board at the Ludlow Elementary School Gym.

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