Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2013 Mount Holly Calendar!

Congratulations to the
photographers whose photos were chosen for the
2013 Mount Holly Calendar!
Their names and photos are below.
Many thanks to everyone who voted on the calendar photos.  It's always a lot of fun to see who will make it into the calendar.

AND...don't forget to buy your 2012 Mount Holly Calendar!  
Supplies are limited. 
Available at the Belmont Store, Town Office, andCommunity Center/Library 

Mount Holly 2013 Calendar

PAGE                                                PHOTO                                               PHOTOGRAPHER

Cover                                                Friends                                               Hannah Paz

       Page 1                                                Ice Castle in Blue                                   John McClure

    Page 2                                                Spring Blooms                                   Bessie Centini

January                                    Solitude                                                Paul Warren

February                                    Flames of Snow                                    Ron Unterman

March                                                Sign of Spring                                               Teresa Van Dine

April                                                Misty Morning                                   Robin Boger

May                                                Crab Apple Blossoms                                   Randy Paz

June                                                Field of Dreams                                   Jacob Mailhiot

July                                                Blueberry Harvest                                   Laura Douglas

August                                                Summer Fun on Star Lake                       Joe Hammond

September                                    Early Fall                                               Candace Neary

October                                    Autumn Palette                                    Susan Presson

November                                    Glass Fences                                               Kristpher Covalla

December                                    Apples on Ice                                               Beth Chase           

Back Cover                                    Patch’s Pasture                                   Luke DeArruda           

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