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March Meeting Minutes pg. 1-2

March 11, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Tim Martin, who agreed to be acting chair for this evening. Raymond Tarbell was present and Jim Heald was absent. It was noted that Ray had taken the Oath of Office shortly before the meeting started.
1. Additions/Deletions to the Agenda: Under reorganization, set regular meeting schedule was added. There were no other additions.
2. The minutes of the regular meeting of February 11 were reviewed. There were no corrections or additions and the minutes were approved.
3. Reorganization
 Upon motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED: To appoint Jim Heald as Select Board Chair.
 Upon motions made and seconded, it was
VOTED: to make the following appointments for this year:
Tree Warden: Ray Tarbell
E911 Coordinator: Sue Covalla
Town Service Officer Becky Reichler
Newspaper of Record: Rutland Herald
Law Firm for Tax Sales: Sue Crawford
Fire Warden: Jim Seward
Select Board Clerk: Rhonda Rivers
 Susan Covalla appointed Joan McCallum and Barbara Ludwig as Assistant Town Clerks. David Johnson appointed Diana Garrow as Assistant Town Treasurer.
 Upon motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED: To set the regular meeting schedule as second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm.
4. Highways
 The Annual Highway Financial Plan to the State was presented and signed. This provides the State information on the highway budget as passed March 04.
 Paving Grant. Jeff Teter reported that the town is unlikely to receive a grant this year, but the Board stated we should apply anyway. If other towns don’t apply we might still get one. Jeff will work on getting this together. This is due April 11. Paving Grants from the State can only be used on Class 2 roads.
 Healdville Road 1970’s curve issue. This issue was presented last month and tabled. Due to Rhonda’s accident, VLCT was not contacted regarding the proper process until late last week and they have not yet responded. The Board decided to table this again pending information from VLCT.
 Jeff Teter discussed an extended warranty for the grader. This issue had been discussed and voted at a previous meeting, although the date was not confirmed. The Board revoted taking an extended warranty for 84 months/3000 hours for $5250.00. Jeff will get the papers and one of the selectmen will sign once they are available.
5. Report of Treasurer
 David Johnson presented an income and expense statement dated February 28, 2013 showing cash balances of $2,193,616. There is about $101,000 in outstanding delinquent property taxes, which is normal at this time in the year. There are also some prepaid property taxes for next year. There were no significant revenues for the month. The county tax amount is known, and is a little less than budgeted. Solid waste expenses are under budget overall. Otherwise, income and expenses are in line with expectations.
 Upon motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED: To authorize the Treasurer to put on the orders and pay certain items: payroll taxes
and withholding payments, regular wages, postage, property tax refunds and school advances
per the schedule reviewed annually.
 Upon motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED: To authorize the Select Board Clerk to write orders and the Treasurer to pay said
6. Solid Waste:
 Summer Hours: Summer hours will start on Wednesday, April 9th and continue through the
summer. Wednesday, 4pm to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 2pm, NO Sunday hours for the summer.
The last Sunday will be March 30th. The Transfer Station will NOT be open on Sunday,
April 6th.
 Upon motion made and seconded, it was
VOTED: To appoint Jeff Teter as the town’s representative to the Rutland County Solid
Waste District (RCSWD). No alternate was named.
7. School Mowing – request for bids will be posted in the April Chit Chat and around town, as usual
8. Rabies Clinic – will be held at the Town Office on Saturday, March 26, 10am to noon.
9. Other Business
 A group of residents asked the Board to consider allowing some of the town’s road to be open
to travel by ATVs. Bruce Turco noted that people cannot travel legally on a town road to get
from one property they own to another property they own further down the road. Don Patch
presented a proposal with rules to go with it for the Board to consider. He noted these rules
were consistent with the state statute covering ATVs. Ray asked how these rules could be
enforced. Other members of the group noted that several other towns have opened their roads
to ATVs, notably Benson, and Reading. An ATV Club member noted some of the rules a club
operates under. Don Richardson noted several problems/concerns with ATVs on the town
roads over by Lake Ninevah. The Board decided to table this item to another meeting.
 Ron Unterman presented an update on the Star Lake Dam project. The permit application is in
to the State, with some minor issues to be corrected going forward, including proper shoreline
encroachments for the two dry hydrants. They will now move on to Phase 3, which is to put
the project out to bid, proposal review and construction Timeline is end of April or early May
for picking a contractor, with construction starting after July 1, per state rules. The Board
agreed that the town is in favor of continuing with the project.
 David Hoeh reported on the most recent meeting of the Rutland Regional Transportation
Council, held February 27. The State continues to review High Risk Rural Roads and look for
low cost options to improve problem areas, such as signs and guard rails. Part of that review
includes looking at roads with crashes between 2009 and 2013. These include Freeman Brook
Road and Healdville Road.
10. The Board reviewed and signed the February orders for payment.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
 Rhonda Rivers 
Minutes are DRAFT until approved at a Select Board meeting. Approved on: __________________ 

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