Saturday, March 1, 2014

Town Garage

According to Phil Dunwoody, the engineering firm that did the subdivision for them, indicated that a sewage system could be established on that site.  I don't believe that would be the case if it were a Class 2 wetland.

These are not opinions, they are Google Earth images with the property boundaries over laid on them to the same scale.  As a former Planning Commission member I have copies of the school subdivision plat from which the boundaries for that image came.  I added the labels because the original black ones  didn't show very well.  The other image shows the Martin-Dunwoody property with the boundaries from the survey of that  property.  Since the black ink boundaries also didn't show up very well on the Google Earth images, I outlined them in white.  It is still possible to make out the black lines in some places. The 2 photos at the bottom, I took to illustrate the property on the ground.

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  1. Peter,
    We got it at 3:08pm. Great posting!