Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Please help get the word out....share...share....share!

Music-COMP has a new campaign with Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, to raise funds for the Opus 28 concert which will feature student compositions performed in concert by professional musicians. Right now  5 students at Ludlow Elementary School, 2 students at Mt. Holly Elementary, and 1 student from Black River High School are posting their compositions-in-progress to the Music-COMP online mentoring for feedback from professional composers. Later this month, the mentors will select about 24 works for the Opus 28 performance to be held in Ludlow on April 30th.
> We need your help. Visit this link and view a video with our students. After you hear from them, we hope you'll want to back the project. Every pledge amount receives an exciting reward. Next we hope you'll share the link with friends, colleagues, and family so they can view the video too. This is how crowdfunding works - share and link and spread the word!
> Our goal is $8800 by March 25th. We're close to $2000 right now and need to reach or exceed the goal by Tuesday the 25th at 11:59 pm or we get nothing. Help our students realize their dream of professional musicians performing their original music.
> Constance D. Wilcox
> Music Educator
> Please note I have a new email:
> Ludlow Elementary School
> Mt. Holly School
> Black River High School – Middle School
802-228-5151 (Ludlow Elementary School)
802-228-4721 (Black River High School)
802-228-5025 (Music room)
802-228-5026 (fax)

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