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BRACC Meeting Minutes February 24, 2015

BRACC Meeting Minutes    
February 24, 2015
Attendees: Rich, Brigid, Bela, Pam & Cortney Slobodnjak
Call to Order:  5:05
Minutes January 20, 2015: minutes from last meeting APPROVED
Treasurers Report: Balance is $25,417.49 in accounts.   Brigid will check into business high yield account at HFCU.  Would need to do payroll at People’s.  
New Business:
  1. Drug Free Communities grant application due at end of March.  Bela, Cortney and Brigid will meet to discuss on Feb. 26 at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Grants: Bela recruited Cortney and Brigid to be part of application for Promise Communities Initiative.
  3. Youth Forum:  both schools recruiting for attendance at Windsor County Youth Summit on March 21.
  4. Take Back Posters:  Brigid distributed PFS flyers to be posted around the schools and Towns.
  5. John Halligan Presentations:  discussion of inviting parents of elementary and high schools in the entire SU for March 12 presentation.  DJ’s will provide food to be served in the first floor corridor at Town Hall.   Big Eyes Bakery and Sheree Tucker will provide desserts.  Student presentation on March 13 will include 7th and 8th graders from GMMS.  GM will go back to their school to process.  BR will stay at town hall.
Old Business:
  1. PFS Grants:  Officers from Rutland County have called on Paul to talk about how to get DARE programs in their communities.  Paul and Brigid meet regularly with PFS team on Windsor County issues.  
  2. Governors Forum: BRACC is still working with Turning Point of Springfield, which has been a great ally.   Still trying to get youth recovery discussion group in Ludlow.  AA meetings in Town on Mon. and Fri.  Also trying to get a Wit’s End facilitator in Ludlow; will try to get a grant to fund.  
Other Business:
  1. School Based Substance Abuse Grant for GMHS may have funds remaining from prior years.  Pam and Cortney to look at possibility of requesting reprogramming for those funds.
  2. Brigid reported on a potential speaker, Keith Johnson, who works in the Springfield prison and youth population about brain trauma, addiction and mental health issues and the connectivity.
  3. Youth Risk Behavior Survey will be administered on 3/4

NEXT MEETING: Monday April 13, 2015     4PM        FLETCHER MEMORIAL LIBRARY

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