Thursday, February 5, 2015

Planning for Transportation in the Two Rivers Supervisory Union

Planning for Transportation in the
Two Rivers Supervisory Union

Act 153 requires Supervisory Unions to “provide or make provision for transportation” to the extent that such transportation is provided.  The Agency of Education is interpreting this statutory requirement as not only “command and control,,” but financial control as well.  I will include a memo from the Secretary of Education on this issue as background.  One thing is clear and that is we must do a study.   While we may end up asking for a waiver arguing that the SU cannot beat the quality and efficiency of the current system, we do need to make a good faith effort to achieve efficiencies.  Moreover the scenarios by which financial control would be exercised come with inherent complexity.  We need Board members from each system to help, along with our transportation professionals and citizens.  The administration will put together options and try to keep the meetings to a minimum, generally in April and May.

1.   Objectives--A transportation system designed for cost efficiency, flexibility, energy efficiency, safety and educational opportunities.
2.  Time Frame—Study needs to be largely completed by June 1, 2015. Study group should include educational professionals, transportation professionals, students, and key community leaders.           
3.  Educational Programming--Educational programming opportunities are identified and integrated with transportation possibilities.  The list of improvement opportunities for the future is identified during the process.
·         Course opportunities
·         Integration with Tech Center
·         An integrated daily, weekly, annual calendar is decided upon for the new SU.*   
·         New educational opportunities are identified

4.  LEGAL AND OPERATIONAL DETAILS-- Operational details are addressed to assure smooth functioning during FY’16, beginning on July 1, 2016.

·         All asset and license transfers are vetted
·         The timeline for transfer of all contracts is identified

5.  COMMUNICATION--The staff and the community are well-informed of the process and are supportive of the effort.

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