Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All Things Loons

The Mount Holly Community Museum offers a special presentation…

"All Things Loons - stories about their natural history and conservation"

      By Eric Hanson,  Vermont Loon Conservation Project (VLCP) Coordinator Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Loons are back and doing well in Vermont after nearly disappearing 30 years ago.  Join Eric Hanson, VCE biologist and coordinator of the Vermont Loon Conservation Project explore this success story as well as all things loons.

Loons are some of the most studied birds in North America in part because biologists, and anyone really, can observe them nearly every minute of every daylight hour (and a few biologists have done exactly that).  Come hear what biologists have learned over the past 25 years following color-marked loons and how VCE conservation efforts have brought the loons back to Vermont.  We'll share stories ranging from rescues of loons in distress to why loons conduct takeovers of each other's territories.

WHEN:    Tuesday, July 21, 7:00 pm
WHERE:  IOOF Hall in Belmont

FREE!  Open to the public, bring a friend.

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