Monday, July 20, 2015

"Outsmart the Critters (Sometimes)"

"Outsmart the Critters (Sometimes)"
  By Jim Corven, Professor of Biology & Mount Holly Gardener

Have you found that Nature likes to take advantage of your bounty and hard
work?   Nature's critters are hungry and they like to take their share when
we let our guard down.  We'll talk about everything from birds to woodchucks
and how we can try to prevent them from damaging our yards and gardens.  
Let's try to understand how these critters perceive their world so we can
deter them using humane but effective techniques.  Examples of effective
items will be available for demonstration. 

An excellent conclusion to the Mount Holly Garden Tour!

When:    Saturday, July 25, 3-4:00 pm (not at 2:00 pm as originally scheduled)
Where:   Perkins House (Mount Holly Community Museum)
   located on the green in Belmont, corner of Belmont & Healdville Rds.

FREE!  Bring a friend.

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