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May 2017 minutes Mount Holly Select Board

May 2017 minutes
Mount Holly Select Board

Select Board May 9, 2017  - The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Ted Crawford, chair.  Tim Martin and Ron Tarbell were present.  All stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Select Board welcomed Tracie Bickford as the new clerk and are looking forward to working with her.
Additions/Deletions to the agenda: Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) and discussion regarding renewable energy siting maps were added to the agenda.
Minutes:  The minutes of the regular meeting of April 11, 2017 and the minutes of the special meeting held on 4/18/17 were sent out before the meeting for review.  Upon motion made and seconded it was voted to approve both minutes. (3-0)
Highways:  Jeff Teter reported that the town did not receive the grant submitted to pave a mile long portion of Rt. 155 
Tractor Purchase:  As discussed in the April 11th meeting, Jeff Teter researched and  was able to find an acceptable and appropriate used tractor saving the town approximately $35,000.  As was planned a new truck was also purchased.
IDDE:  The state is checking communities for illicit discharges and will be visiting stormwater outfall pipes during dry weather as there should be no flow.  If there is flow tests will be performed to determine if the discharge is illicit.  Mount Holly, because it does not have any municipal systems, will not be responsible if any problems are detected.  It will be the homeowners responsibility.   
REPORT OF TREASURER:  A motion was made and seconded to post pone the treasurer's report as Dave Johnson was involved in another meeting that ran into the regularly scheduled select board meeting.  There will be a special meeting for the purpose of reviewing the monthly income and expense report.
Transfer station:  Jeff Teter reported that a new pad was poured and a new electric pole was placed in preparation for the compactor to be delivered on May 15.  A discussion occurred concerning an appropriate shelter for the employees to get out of the weather. 
The food scrap program: Although citizens are not required to participate until 2020, the state mandates that a container be made available by July of 2017 for those who wish to participate in this program.  Ted proposes to draft a letter stating that we do not feel it is beneficial to participate at this time as the amount of scrapes brought to the transfer station will not warrant the cost to remove them. 
Planning Commission:  A notice of vacancy for planning commission clerk has been posted.  An exciting time for this position as the drafting of a new town plan is occurring.  Six renewable energy siting maps have been circulated to each town participating in the RRPC Energy committee.  These are drafts and more discussion and review will take place.  Copies have been forwarded to the Mount Holly Planning Commission for their review and comment.
a.)  A request for installation of a power line to go under the road opposite the Belmont Fire station was made, and discussion occurred.  It was decided that contractor Russ Garrow should bore under the road if possible and install the power line to meet Town Specs.   Russ will be responsible for obtaining a copy of town specifications. 
b.)  A 2% increase with Delta Dental will occur for FY 18.  At this time there are no new options that our full time employees are eligible for. 
c.)  Tracie Bickford is researching a grant opportunity that offers assistance to install  security  cameras in the Town office, Town garage, both fire stations and the rescue building. 
d.)  A discussion between the select board members and contractor Aaron Tinsmen concerning the Summit Rd. extension to better access newly purchased property.  Property owners would like to upgrade access to their property, which is on a class 4 road.  It was determined that Tim and Ron will meet with the homeowner and contractor to do a site visit.  Action to be taken by the Select Board during its regular June meeting.
e.)  Upon the recommendation of the two current Lister’s,  a motion was made by Tim, seconded by Ron to appoint Jennifer Mathews, Lister,  for the remainder of the term vacated.   Vote  (3-0)
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by motion made and seconded and approved at 8:12 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Tracie Bickford
Minutes are a Draft until approved at a Select Board meeting. Approved on:_______

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