Saturday, May 27, 2017

: Merger with Mill River

My opinion is not insincere, nor am I blowing smoke.
I sincerely believe that a Yes vote is good for MH residents and students for many reasons.
And a LOT of other MH residents agree, and from all sides of the political spectrum.
If you think my opinion is wrong, fine.  But please don’t call me disingenuous.

And btw, the tax rate issue I was talking about was not about young Vermonters moving out of state, it was about MH families moving two towns over to get into other school systems.
Or realtors who are told by their clients with high school kids that they will consider houses in Wallingford and Chester, but not Ludlow or MH.

Your discussion below is about a much broader and critical issue that focuses on our State’s demographic, economic and tax issues – a huge problem WAY beyond a local Town vote.
But the upcoming YES vote is an issue that WE can “solve” without the complexity and politics of the big issues.
Dissolve Union 39 and let MH determine what’s best for OUR students and taxpayers.
Ron Unterman

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