Friday, May 19, 2017


Dear Editor,

Closing a school guarantees an economic decline for that community.  It has been studied in other parts of the country where school closures have devastated their communities.  Without Black River High School, Ludlow businesses will lose local traffic.  With a loss of retail sales, some jobs and stores will disappear.  That then leads to more people finding jobs out of town and shopping where their jobs are located.  Ludlow businesses lose out some more.  Families who can afford it may move closer to the new school.  Shrewsbury, Wallingford, and Clarendon become more attractive than Ludlow and Mount Holly.  At some point the elementary school population is affected.  As more homes are sold to out of state families, it becomes even more difficult to find the manpower for our voluntary fire departments and rescue squads.  Closing BRHS may create only a slow downward spiral, but it will affect us all.

Kelly Tarbell
Mount Holly

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