Friday, March 27, 2015

Students band together to lend helping hand

Students band together to lend helping hand

My mom just had jaw surgery. 

Needless to say, she is pretty heavily medicated and forced to remain very still for the next couple of weeks.

Willa finds this fascinating and has taken to sitting next to her just staring as she sleeps. I’m guessing this is because our mother is always on the move, and has never been known or seen to simply nap.

“She’s like prey,” Willa whispered into the phone to me, so mom would not hear.


“You know,” Willa clarified, “Prey. Like I could attack her and she wouldn’t be able to stop me.”

Attack her?

“Well, if I wanted to get away with something, now would be the time,” she said. “Mommy would never be able to hold me back.”

Uh oh.

And then suddenly:

“Well Bryanna, I have plans, gotta go.”


I later found out that Willa and her trusty blankie had taken it upon themselves to not actually attack my mom, but to help her.

Willa, with blankie thrown over one shoulder, performed a wide variety of household tasks for my incapable mother.

The dog was fed — eight times in one day, including all of the sweet potatoes in the house because, well, Willa does not like sweet potatoes.

She tried to make my mom a smoothie, but because she is not allowed to use the blender, she simply mashed all the fruit with a spoon and added yogurt.

And then she ate the smoothie, testing it out for mom.

“It’s the thought that counts,” Willa said.

She cleaned up all her messes, was extra quiet and even tried to wash some dishes.

At the end of one day — yes, only one day, one afternoon, really — Willa declared that she was exhausted of taking care of everything.

“Being a mom is really hard,” she said.

No one would disagree, kid.

Bake sale for a friend

Students really came together to help out a fellow classmate last week by hosting two different bake sales, one in Chester and the other in Springfield.

Kyle Monier, a student at Green Mountain Union High School, posted a picture on Instagram of his house burning down. He and his family lost all of their belongings and pets, but everyone made it out safety.

Students found out about the unfortunate incident and decided to help Monier and his family by hosting a bake sale to raise funds.

They asked community members to bake and donate goodies to sell, and the results were impressive.

The group of students raised more than $3,700 dollars for the Monier family.

Way to go everyone.

Battle of the schools

Six schools will have a friendly competition for the title of the best dodgeball player in the area.

But its not the kids who are going to compete, its the teachers, bus drivers and other faculty members.

Black River High School and Middle School has decided to raise some money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Vermont by hosting a night of dodgeball tournaments starting at 5:30 p.m. on March 27 at the school gymnasium.

Each of the six schools — Black River High School and Middle School, Cavendish Town Elementary School, Green Mountain Union High School, Mount Holly School, Ludlow Elementary School and Chester-Andover Elementary School — will form a team of staff members.

Only six players are allowed on the court at one time, but players will rotate and teams will be eliminated to take the title. Each school will get a homemade trophy.

Parents, kids, grandparents and anyone else in the community are encouraged to come watch and cheer on a team.

Admission is $3 for adults and $1 for students.

So pick a team and come watch them dodge balls!

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