Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ludlow-Mt Holly Democratic Committees Ponder Redistricting at Feb 21 meeting

With the likely impact of the proposed redistricting of Vermont's
legislative districts occupying a good deal of their concern, the town
Democratic Committees of Ludlow and Mt Holly plan to hold a joint meeting
on Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 7 PM at Ludlow Town Hall to develop united strategy
for their candidate for the redistricted seat.

Based on pending legislation, both Mt Holly and Ludlow will be placed in a
new district for a house seat in Montpelier.  If passed, the legislation
will join these two towns with Shrewsbury to create a new house seat
district.  Previously, Mt Holly and Ludlow, along with Plymouth, were the
Rutland-Windsor 1 house seat district.

Eldred French, current Democratic house member from Shrewsbury, will
attend this meeting to discuss the implications of the redistricting and
strategy for retaining the seat within the new district.

Both David C. Hoeh of Belmont and Jim Alic of Ludlow, chairs of the Mt
Holly and Ludlow town committees expressed interest in developing
strategies for this election.  Alic noted, "It's extemely important that we
field a strong candidate who reflects the interests of his constituents.
Both Dave and I believe this is a winnable seat."

Alic stressed that the meeting is open to everyone interested in seeing
that "we send a representative to Montpelier concerned about the areas
interests and needs.  We don't care what your party affiliations are so
long as you're guided by the interests of the area."

For information, call 228-5380 or 259-2274.

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