Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teen Tobacco Cessation Program

From: Black River Area Community Coalition

BRACC will offer an excellent  American Lung Association teen tobacco cessation program called Not on Tobacco (NOT) this spring.  It is available to any 14 to 18 year old who would like to quit.  It is free and the teen will receive support from BRACC and their peers.  We need at least 4 students in order to offer the program. 

The program is once a week for 10 weeks, approximately 1 hour per week.   If you, or anyone you know, would like to quit, please let us know by Feb. 28th.   Start breathing fresh air soon!!  Give your lungs and body a healthy break!!
BRACC--promoting a healthy involved community, supporting all youth in safe environments. 
Brigid Sullivan, Coordinator
Black River Area Community Coalition
PO Box 197
Ludlow, VT 05149
Phone/fax (802) 228-7878 

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